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TrendWatching: 2016 Is the Year of “No Interface”

By Expectlabs @ExpectLabs
TrendWatching: 2016 Is the Year of “No Interface”

Determined to feed their ever-intensifying addictions to digital information AND live in the present moment, consumers are demanding new, more natural forms of interaction with technology. That means devices they can talk to, notifications they can feel, information that’s a part of the world around them – and much more!

TrendWatching, a popular voice on the consumer trends front, highlights the importance of speech technology today and onward in their excellent May briefing No Interface.

In the lively and data-packed report, the firm makes the case that people love information (high-quality information) but they feel overwhelmed by it – a problem that’s only going to increase with data flows from newly connected devices. 

“Something has to give,” asserts the firm. “Consumers know that if they are to continue – indeed, intensify – their love with tech, they need newer, faster and more intuitive ways to interact with it.”

“It feels like it’s been a lifetime since smartphones started radically transforming the lives of people across the globe,” TrendWatching points out. “But the human experience of reading on a mobile device? Still holding a rectangle. Still looking down.”

In the briefing, TrendWatching highlights some pioneers of the voice revolution, like mobile banking app Inge and OneTravel’s voice-activated travel agent, as well as early adopters of other natural-feeling forms of computer-interaction like gesture.

Take a look at the briefing in full, or try out voice technology yourself on MindMeld’s platform.

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