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Trending: Patch Me Up

By Alexa Alfonso @lexlovescouture
Trending: Patch Me Up

Whether you buy a garment with patches on it already or you iron the patches on yourself, just know that you need to own at least one thing with the embellishment. Patches add an interesting quirk and can act as a bit of a conversation starter.

You can wear this trend on your denim and/or your outerwear. Since patches make such a statement be sure to keep the rest of your look somewhat toned down. It is very easy for this style to go in a tacky direction so balance is key.

Also, be mindful that the longevity of patches is still yet to be determined so don't go too crazy with it. One or two pieces will have your bases covered. This way if patches die a horrible death next season you're not too distraught.

Will you be wearing patches this season?

Trending: Patch Me Up

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