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Lex Loves Weddings: What I Would Change About My Wedding

By Alexa Alfonso @lexlovescouture

I'll start with saying that my wedding day was perfect. The weather was stunning. The venue was amazing. Our family and friends were the absolute best (and most fun) guests!

I am a Virgo though. So, there is always room for improvement. Here are a few things I might do a little differently after seeing the day unfold.


Fun fact, I almost fainted about 20 minutes before our first dance. Not in an I felt a little dizzy way, but in an I started seeing stars and I lost all of my color kind of way. I was so dehydrated towards the end of portraits that I overheated. Shoutout to my sister/maid-of-honor for being quick thinking and covering me in cold wet paper towels to get my body temperature down.

It was a hot August day, and my dress had A LOT of layers, but this could have probably been avoided had I focused on hydrating leading up to the wedding. There was a lot of sitting around during the getting ready process. I could have been sipping on some water. You live and you learn, right?

There was a moment that I honestly thought I would miss our reception. Thankfully, I had the right people around me. I was able to enter my reception as if nothing had happened. Most guests won't have heard this story until they read this post!

Lex Loves Weddings: What I Would Change About My Wedding

Consider doing a first look with Brian

I wanted Brian to see me for the first time walking down the aisle. It was a beautiful moment that I am happy we were able to have. I also live for drama.

One thing I did not consider - the timing. We did portraits during cocktail hour. So, things felt a bit rushed. This was not the photographer's fault. She did a great job with the time she had.

I did do a first look with my father. So in the end, I wouldn't change things because I was able to have two special moments.

Lex Loves Weddings: What I Would Change About My Wedding

Hire a full service wedding coordinator

We hired a month-of-coordinator, Events by Tyra. I cannot explain the joy I felt to passing off this wedding to Tyra in July. Wedding planning took a huge toll on me mentally. The work is never done, especially when you're a perfectionist. So, safe to say I was STRESSED.

In our initial call, I just knew that Tyra would be the ideal person to execute my wedding day exactly the way I envisioned it. And I was not wrong. My only mistake was not hiring her to handle things from start to finish.

I thought because I'm organized and I like planning that I'd love to plan our wedding. The lie detector determined that was a lie. There are so many details. Every time you think that you're finished, something new pops up to say, "Ha, so you thought!".

The reason I chose to forgo hiring a full-service wedding coordinator was that I feared that I would show up on my wedding day and not see the vision I had in mind. Tyra was so communicative and willing to go over every single minute detail, during the month leading up to the wedding though. So, I know this wouldn't have happened with her.

More on working with Events by Tyra coming in a later post!

What I wouldn't change

Everything. So, while there were some things I might change. My wedding was everything I wanted and more. If ain't broke, don't fix it, as they say. It was one of the best days of my life, near fainting spell and all.

This story is a part one of a six week wedding series. Check back next Friday for part two!

Lex Loves Weddings: What I Would Change About My Wedding

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