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Trend Forecast: Next Nature Ss/14

By Jess_kemp @JessicaJKemp

I don't know about any of you but i'm getting a little bored of the lack of variety on this blog. When I started it I thought it would be good to have a variety of posts and I think i've slipped down the easy path of just posting lots of outfits which i'm sure you are getting as bored as me!
I'm luckily enough to have access to WGSN, the world's best trend forecasting website, from home. The package is worth thousands so pretty happy I can go on whenever! ;) 
Anyway I was having a little browse today when I thought it would be a good idea to do a post of an emerging trend each couple of weeks. Let me know what you think, if you find it helpful!
Obviously everything effects fashion from the economy and politics to music and art. After a weekend in the wilderness I thought I would start with a trend I love: Nature. It's crazy to think the millions of avenues fashion designers can gain their experience from so i'm going to explore this one. (All images taken from 
This trend looks at the natural world and how plant life informs shape, surfaces and graphics. The trend can be taken down many avenues. Dark and often Gothic couture designer creations borrow fluid forms and overgrown embellishments from flowers and foliage from a 'Midnight Jungle'. Tropical evening wear can be created with exotic florals.
The trend falls into a few categories. The images are pretty self explanatory so i'm not going to discuss into them too deeply. 
Dark Resort: 
I particularly love this Dark Resort theme. At first thinking of the theme 'nature' this isn't what I would picture. It definitely doesn't look conservative, clean or 'organic' (Which are words that do spring to mind haha). It's dramatic and eye catching with strong prints. I can almost see a strong sense of Alexander McQueen, especially the big petal neck pieces. I love how much of a statement they are and I think that's what this trend is all about. It looks creepy, but yet still wearable. I love anything weird and futuristic with an Avatar feel!Carnival
This trend is bright and perfect festival attire. Neons are big right now and it kinda brings in aspects of that. A few years ago I didn't ever think you would see me dead in neons but now i'm in love. Tropical print leggings/blazers/tees are EVERYWHERE at the moment and I personally think are really easy to wear and flattering.
Urban Sanctuary
 This is slightly more conservative and uses more earthy colours then eccentric as seen in the past couple of nature trends. I'm not too much of a fan of this palette as i'm all about a strong bold bright color. I do absolutely love camouflage at the moment as most of you may have seen in a couple of my recent outfit posts which is a strong feature of this trend.
Which trend are you a particular fan of? Did you find this post insightful or shall I just stick to what I know best haha. I just find it so interesting and thought I would share with you bits and pieces of the info I pick up. There is honestly so much information and reports on WGSN it's hard what to choose! But if nothing else, the images are an inspiration.
Have a lovely weekend. I'm selling at a car boot sale in Aylesbury if any of you live near abouts!
Stay cute,

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By Priyanka Ella Lorena Lama
posted on 16 January at 19:31

hey there I like the post.. could ya post the HIVER/ WINTER 14 forecast too :D..1. xoxo p.e.l.l.a