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By Ashleylister @ashleylister
This week's theme is " Treatment". This may pertain to medical intervention, or how we regard or respect other people, animals or the environment.
Like Adele, I sought and used a second opinion some 39 years or so ago following a horrendous time suffering from ulcerative colitis, that would not respond to the treatment, which included high doses of Prednisolone tablets. The side effects of which proved to be worse than the disease ! So, being told at age 29 that part of my bowel would have to be removed, I sought an answer elsewhere. Homeopathic treatment was my choice , and following a strict dietary regime the symptoms disappeared within a week ! Now,if you know someone who has this disease the path I chose won't suit all - it's a fickle and individual disease, that can be very debilitating. I could write a book on the subject. Suffice to say that I have been in long term remission, due to the diet I follow, the three tablets I take daily and the relaxed lifestyle that I try and lead. ( Stress is a major factor). A successful treatment.
The treatment of people has been for me an acquired art. As I've got older I've put into place those manners and actions learned as a child , and try my utmost to treat everyone with respect. As a teacher I tried to be fair and honest....sometimes a very difficult set of attributions, given some circumstances!
The treatment of animals has always been to the forefront. I abhor cruelty of any kind. I even try and capture spiders and release them to the outside ! I adore dogs , but no longer have one as I appreciate at my age it would not be fair to take on a young dog. Besides which , although I do a lot of walking, the Lancashire fells are set aside for grouse shooting and dogs are not allowed, and I enjoy holidays away.
I had cats  (although I do not regard myself as a cat lover ) . The first had been my sons and the second was because my husband adored cats and missed the first one when she died. Now I have acquired a " visiting " cat . He owns me I don't own him ! I know the owner and she knows where he spends most of his time ! I guess he knows where he'll be treated kindly!
We should all treat the environment with respect. We are only custodians . It has been entrusted to us. And quite frankly mankind is not doing a very good job. It seems that after a catastrophe of some kind is when ' we' get concerned. Hunting animals to the edge of extinction and then suddenly waking up to the fact that they are disappearing . Exploiting the earth's resources and putting the brakes on at the last moment. Attempting to extract or capitalise on a resource without fully understanding the consequences ( or choosing to ignore them ).
As the song goes " when will they ever learn?"
Once again I've trawled through my archives and found this piece, that I think epitomises man's treatment of others.
War Orphan ( circa 1967)
Rejected, he stands looking down at his feet;
There hundreds of footprints lie in the snow,
But none of them stop before him.
He looks up at faces he doesn't know,
They glance at him and don't want to know.
The sky is grey, it reflects his mood:
Sad and sorry, in a world of strangers.
Nobody loves you, little boy,
And you have no one to love;
Someone must have loved you once,
And you must have loved once.
They shall take you where they like.
Who cares about your feelings ?
You are too young to have emotions-
Too young , they always say to you.
You are not too young to realize this-
Poor child, you are now homeless, parent less and friendless.
Thanks for reading, Kath.
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