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Treat Your Feet at Lush

By Makeuptemple @makeuptemple


Be confident in wearing your sexy sandals and going barefoot this summer, with Lush’s arsenal of pedicure products to help get rid of hard, unsightly skin and leave tootsies exfoliated, moisturised and softened beyond recognition.
Says Helen Ambrosen, Lush Product Creator & Co-Founder; “It is easy to forget the feet until they almost scream out for help, when all it takes is a simple routine and a little massage.   As well as being extremely uncomfortable, hard skin can crack and become very sore, even bleed.  Shoes, socks and tights – and not drying your feet properly - trap moisture creating a breeding ground for fungal and bacterial infections that can lead to long-term problems.  It doesn’t build up a very nice picture, yet feet can be very sexy!”

If you really want to treat your feet, go to the LUSH SPA and book yourself in for the newest treatment -

The Spell (£50.00 for a 60 minute foot treatment).  This is an innovative and unusual treatment that draws on the healing powers of reflexology to not only help revive your feet, but all other areas of your body.  Your feet do get pampered beautifully though, so this treatment is especially perfect for summer issues – when feet are on display all the time and need a little extra TLC.
Alternatively, if your budget doesn’t stretch to this, then Lush has a whole selection of pedicure treats to get your feet looking good and staying that way …

Stepping Stone foot scrub (£2.80) … shaped like a foot, this zesty scrub contains lots of pumice to slough away hard skin, along with a blend of softening and easily absorbed oils to stop you slipping over when you step into the shower.

With 25% pumice and fine sea salt, massage this little foot onto moistened feet to really get to grips with hard skin.  The cocoa butter and jojoba oil will soften and smooth without being excessively greasy, while there’s lycopodium powder to gently deodorise.  Fragranced with uplifting and refreshing lemon and lime, this scrub will make you put your best foot forward!
After giving feet a good scrub, dry them and slather on the moisturiser. This has numerous benefits, least leaving them soft and smooth.  Incorporating massage for your feet can actually help to improve circulation, which can reduce the risk of varicose veins.  Use a rich cream like our Fairtrade Foundation accredited Fair
Trade Foot Lotion (£8.35 for 225g pot), it has lashings of softening cocoa butter, which we buy from a certified Fair Trade supplier.  There are also peppermint and spearmint essential oils to not only stimulate circulation, but also cool the feet, relieving aches and pains. They also have antibacterial/antifungal properties and are deodorising.
Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter (£4.25 for 50g) is perfect for applying on not only cuticles, but also the stubborn hard skin on toes and heels.  Intensely lemon-scented, lemon oil is very softening and used to treat corns and callouses.   The blend of very rich oils, including flaxseed, castor oil, palm kernel oil, soya oil, organic avocado all nourish and the mucilaginous texture is extremely softening.
Slather on dry, hard skin on the feet, put socks on and leave overnight.  Feet will be softened in the morning.

And for really troublesome feet, try:

Volcano foot mask and scrub (£5.25 for 125g) … blasts troublesome or abused feet.  Made from fresh organic potatoes, fresh organic papaya and kaolin for drawing and dissolving dirt, which is especially difficult to get to grips with on dry cracked skin, to really deep cleanse. Fresh organic tomatoes are excellent at deodorising, pumice pummels hard skin and glycerine carries moisture into the skin.   The essential oils of lemon and cinnamon leaf enhance the mask’s cleansing action, stimulate and are antifungal and antibacterial.
To use:  apply generously to clean feet, wrap each foot in cling film and leave for 5-10 mins.  Remove cling film, gently massage into feet and rinse with warm water.


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