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Travels And Hanging With The “In Crowd”

By Rusty @russellpurkiss

Travels And Hanging With The “In Crowd”Sorry that I haven’t had much of a presence lately online since I have just recently made the long journey from Italy to Texas.  It was a long flight and as is most often the case, while transiting through New York, something is almost certain to come up.  My patience was being tested once again and this time for whatever reasons the airlines had to refuel at the halfway mark putting me in Dallas one hour later than schedule.  Not that big of a deal, but it is not so easy to handle when you have been sitting for 8 hours on the previous flight and laying over for yet another 7 hours.

By the time I made it to Dallas and checked into my room I was ready to try to sleep!  Often I get so wired with the travel and Jet lag that I will sleep for a about 3 hours and then be wide awake.  This time, thank the Lord I was able to sleep for almost the entire night!  My mission on the trip is to spend time with my dad who will be turning 91 this year!  So when I am here I really like to be able to give my 100%.  He lives in an assisted living facility and I have made trips here each year to just hang out with him and see how I can be of help to him.

After having lived a part for so many years, this is a real blessing for e as I can get the quality time with him that I missed out on throughout the previous years of our lives.  This is a place where many spend their last years and many of the dear ones that I have grown fond of during previous visits have now passed on.  I am welcomed here as a “home away from home” since many of them remember me from previous visits.  Some, sad to say, need to be “re-introduced” each time as they suffer from dementia.  This is the “in-crowd”, they are a group of people, like many of our elderly who are in need of love and attention, I really enjoy being able to chat with them and listen to their stories, sometimes for the tenth time, but that suits me just fine!

I will now have a bit more time to spend with you, my dear friends and I hope that you too will have opportunities to make a difference in the special people in your lives.  Till then, I need to go and hag out with my people! Ha!

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