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Traveling with Kids? Book an Aisle Seat!

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger

Tuesday Tips & Tricks - Book an Aisle Seat!

Photo credit: FabulousTerrah via Flickr 

I just finished up an article on flying with babies and children and I realized that with spring break upon us and summer travel just around the corner, you should know this important tip!
Book an aisle seat!!! This is vital to your travel sanity. This one single thing could make the difference between flight heaven and flight hell! What's the big deal, you ask? You wanted to look out the window and you're certain your children will be endlessly entertained by the clouds floating by? You are wrong, my friend.
The big deal is that you will need to get up out of your seat practically every single time that 'ding' signifies the seat-belt light turning off. Sometimes you'll need to get up because your baby is crying. You will need to get up and do the *rock and shush or change her diaper. If you have one who is newly potty-trained, you will have to get up to help her relieve her bladder several times throughout the flight. If you have an active toddler, you will need to let him pace the aisles now and then.
You do not want to have to climb over a stranger, or worse let your child do so, each time you need to make a trip to the loo. Got it? Good. Happy travels.
*Rock & Shush– You know this move, I only coined the phrase! This is where you hold your screaming baby in the cradle position, rock your body side to side while simultaneously loudly shushing. You can read my full article on settling newborns here

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