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Traveling in Turkey as a Woman?

Posted on the 17 January 2014 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl
Traveling in Turkey as a Woman?

Travel in Turkey for women can be rewarding and educational, but it pays to travel safely through unfamiliar landscapes. Most Turkish men are perfect gentlemen, even overly courteous to women. However, sometimes women traveling alone have been known to be hassled. It’s important to know local customs and sometimes mix in with Turkish women and families, so it seems to others you are in their informal group. Dress neatly and be pleasant, but reserved with men you don’t know.


Women can travel freely in modern Turkey thanks to the welcoming, courteous people. It’s not crazy at all to travel by yourself. You can lessen any potential hassles by taking normal precautions, dressing and behaving in accordance with local customs. Violent crime, including rape and battery, isn’t even as common in Turkey as in the West. Many people feel safer in Turkey than their own homes.

Reported hassles for women traveling alone include:

• Minor grouping
• Staring
• Pinching
• Unpleasant commons
• Unwanted romantic approaches

Most Turkish men and women treat tourists with respect and great care</a>. They can be more solicitous and helpful than Wester men. Turkish merchants really know how to treat women.

Keep in mind when leaving the hotel that it’s important to dress neatly. Be reserved in speech and action and keep control of all situations. This means doing things in public or in groups where you know the other travelers. Don’t be alone with a man you don’t know well in a vehicle. Don’t worry if you’re in a mixed group of Turkish men and women.

Western media, movies, and entertainment like books, magazines, and TV don’t always give the true idea about Western women by showing some to be loose or even promiscuous. Some Turkish men may have the wrong impressions that are validated if Western women smile at them without reason. While, this doesn’t matter in the West, it’s a cultural taboo in Turkey, so be aware avoiding any mixed message cultural signals.


While telling a Westerner to get lost or leave may be the appropriate response, Mediterranean and Turkish men sometimes don’t believe this. Verbally sparring with Turkish men actually can make them more interested. So, take care to avoid any misinterpretations while being courteous for safe travel. Be culturally savvy and polite and you’ll do just fine traveling through Turkey.

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