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Travel Preparation 101 - The Night Before..

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox
The night before traveling is always a bit hectic for me. I have a checklist (I am preparing an online one as you're reading this, I will update soon!) that I go through and then spend the rest of the night cleaning the house like a mad woman. HOWEVER, not this time! I'm taking some time to have a full on pamper night to set the holiday off on the right tone and this is what I'll be using:
Travel Preparation 101 - The Night Before.. So first thing's first, I'm ordering some pizza, having a homemade Mojito and watching Pretty Little Liars. This is my time to chill the frig down.
Next, it's pamper time! I'm loving this Heart & Home Caramel Cupcake candle. It smells like caramel and is oh so lovely. I'm putting on Christmas 24 (how AMAZING is it that Movies 24 is now Christmas 24 again? Life = Complete!) and watching the cheesiest Christmas movie I can find. Even in July, there's something about a Christmas movie that soothes me.
I'm whacking on a Face Mask (I like this Pineapple one from Montagne Jeunesse - It's like £2 or less!) and whilst I'm waiting on it drying out so I can peel it off (aahhh soothing!) I will apply some fake nails (I use these plain ones from Body Care and Elegant Touch Fast Drying Brush On Glue). I have been loving this Nars 'Paradiso' Nail Polish. It's a bright orange toned red and looks amazing for Summer, so I'll be painting my nails with this (both fingers and toes!).
Next up, it's time to peel off my face mask and then I'm going to shower. Once I've showered, I will leave my hair to dry naturally in a top knot before slathering my body in this NSpa Honey Body Butter which just smells divine. It takes roughly 10 minutes to sink in, so it's time for some nude dancing with a hairbrush in my bedroom to Kiss FM.
Once my bedroom karaoke session is complete, I will relax with my feet up on the chair with my pajamas on, cosy socks, hair up, and some Dirty Works Cucumber Eye Pads on. I will leave these chilling in the fridge throughout the entire day and by the time I use them they will be cool and de-puffing. Once I've lazed around for half an hour (maybe an hour if I'm being honest!) I'll tidy away everything I've used and head to bed at a very early time to watch some youtube videos, cuddle my cats (before sobbing about the fact I'm leaving them for a week) and fall asleep knowing I am fully organized for the day ahead.
Ahh bliss!
What is your 'night before a holiday' routine? I'd love to hear your tips!
H x

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