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Travel Makeup.

By Maddy1704 @unstitchedd
Travel Makeup.
As some of you may know, I'm heading out to Germany this week with a friend, but with the strictly imposed hand-luggage rules, both space and size are compromised, streamlining the stash is pretty important. It's going to be a beach type holiday, so bear in mind that I wouldn't have needed the most excessive collection of products with me, but nevertheless, I've managed to squeeze every beauty essential into my modest sized makeup bag, and to celebrate the feat with you, I thought I'd show you how I did it. 
Hair, Body: 
  • Deodarant - Pretty self explanatory - don't forget it. 
  • Moisturiser - Not strictly an essential, but being by the beach has a tendency to really dry my skin out, and it will be a good one to have in the case of any sunburns. I love the little body shop minis, as they should last the perfect amount of time or the St Tropez one to add a little bit of a tan at the same time.
  • Suncream - Again, does this need explanation? Stay safe in the sun, folks
  • Mini Perfume - These are a little hard to come by, but often come in gift sets and the like, or are sometimes handed out as samples. I love Ile D'Amour, which is incredibly difficult to find anywhere, but it always reminds me of good times. 
  • Shampoo/Conditioner - Another case where minis are essential, but I think going a week without washing one's hair would be a bit too long, non? 
  • Hair Brush + Bobbi Pins/Hairband: Because you never know what hairstyling mood is going to take you. 
  • Makeup Remover + Cotton Pads - I'm pretty relaxed about my skin care routine, and although I try to stick to regular applications of all the right ointments and potions, I know on holiday it just isn't realistic. Makeup removal is an essential though, and not one I'm willing to skip.
  • Moisturiser - now this one I uhmmed and ahhhed about, but decided to chuck it in for good measure. Decanted into a smaller pot, it shouldn't take up too much room, and it can double up, being mixed in with a foundation to create a lighter base. 
  • The base - Revlon's Nearly Naked and Maybelline's Fit Me concealer. Both are light coverage options, perfect for being applied with fingers and the bottles are pretty travel proof too. 
  • The eyes - I'm going for a fluttery look, so the curlers are an 'essential' and I don't think a makeup look would ever be complete without a mascara. I've also thrown in an eyeliner for good measure, to amp up the volume if the mood should take me - a girl's gotta have her options - but I drew the line at eyeshadow, sometimes enough is enough
  • The extras - a small brow palette, and a subtle lip gloss and I will be good to go.
  • A touch up polish - Rimmel Salon Pro in HipHop (which I have painted on both my toes and feet so I only have to bring one)- Because I'm a perfectionist and chips bug me - stop judging. 
Thank god for mini's is all I'm saying, the thought of lugging around the full sizes of all of these makes my arms weep a little in the thought of all the pain - now to just pack the clothes would be great. 
What are your essentials whilst you are travelling?

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