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Travel Activity Bags for Children

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
Yesterday my husband phoned at 10 am. His voice wasn't very pleasant as the car broke down on M25! Luckily he has a break down cover that provides help. Yet he had to wait for about two hours as the roads were very busy.
Later I thought about what if this happened when were traveling with the children. It would be so difficult to wait since they would get bored and what to do with them on the motorway?
I decided to put together a busy bag for the children for our car trips.
Here is what I prepared for Defne (5 years old)
Travel Activity Bags for Children
Geo Board
Finger puppet and Kermit
Pipe cleaners to make sculptures
A tiny doll set, kept in a plastic egg
Nesting dolls
Puzzle Toy
Derin's bag contains the following:
Travel Activity Bags for Children
I-Spy game in a container
Magnetic Board
Nesting dolls
Stamps,punches and paper
Automoblox car
Velcro blocks
I plan to change the contents regularly so there is always something new!
Do you have any tips to keep your children busy on a trip? Do you prepare busy bags for them? I would love to hear what they enjoy playing with on a journey.
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