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Transitions – Meditative Morning Walks Over a Field

By Luphil

We are in the time of spring equinox (autumn equinox in the Southern hemisphere) and it is the time of inner and outer equilibrium. On the planet, this balance fluctuates greatly at the moment. So, it is all the more important to keep it inwardly.

The following contribution was intended to be a part of a presentation at the “CVV Sharing” group life in Germany during this equinox. It had to be cancelled due to the present extraordinary situation.

“Transitions – Meditative morning walks over a field, between 7:30 and 8:30 am” contains 93 photos taken during these morning walks in the neighbourhood over 6 months.
It shows the beauty and the dynamic transitions in nature – and that partly drastic changes often come nearly unnoticed. We often do not remark where a change begins and when the new quality is emerging.

You can download it here as a powerpoint (length approx. 12 min., 100 MB). The use is only for private purposes.

My friend Sebastián Rey Aristimuño, Lipikas Films, Buenos Aires, has realised a video with a selection of the photos and a different view.

Transitions – Meditative Morning Walks over a Field

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