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Transforming Struggles into Strength

By Luphil

An Indian friend sent me a touching WhatsApp video which I also found on YouTube. The speaker, Radhanath Swami, is an American ex-hippie, a monk of the “International Society for Krishna Consciousness” (Hare Krishna movement) and today a spiritual leader who has done a lot of work in India for the very poor (read the interesting bio-details on Wikipedia).

It is an inspiring talk about Sindhutai Sakpal, an Indian social worker and social activist who has devoted her entire life to orphans. Both, Radhanath and Sinduthai, have made their way out of “nothing” to become great servers.

The video is an extract of a longer lecture at Cambridge University about “Influence without Affluence“.

Transforming Struggles into Strength
Sindhutai Sapkal at Cinemax 5th Marathi Award, (c)
Transforming Struggles into Strength
Radhanath Swami (Wikimedia: Rakesh)

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