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Transform a Old Lamp into a Stylish Vase

By Albert Wagner @albertwagner4

Check out this DIY that you can easily do and get away from the usual: use an old lamp to make an impressive, stylish and stylish jar.

Do not rush to throw away your burning lamps, since you can recycle them and create an original and special vase. Read below to see how you can do it.

What you will need

Pliers or screwdrivers
Kaolin (found in paint shops)

1. Wear the gloves. Take a small hammer and with that gently tap the base of the lamp to break the safety there.
2. With the help of a thin nose pliers or a small screwdriver, remove the yarn inside the lamp by making slow movements so as not to break its outer casing.
3. Make sure that the inside of the lamp is completely empty before attempting to clean it. Then pour 1/8 tsp. kaolin in the lamp and shake well (alternatively you can use a solution of water and soap). Let the dust act for a while. Finally, remove any residue with the help of a napkin.

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