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Transfer of Power Thursday – “A Continuation”

Posted on the 24 September 2020 by Phil's Stock World @philstockworld

"There won't be a transfer, frankly, there will be a continuation."  

Asked whether he would “commit here today for a peaceful transferral of power after the November election,” Emperor Trump declared: "We’re going to have to see what happens.  You know that I’ve been complaining very strongly about the ballots, and the ballots are a disaster.  Get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There will be a continuation,” the President said. 

And so, Democracy dies.  Not with a bang, but with a whimper as the lack of outrage is itself outrageous.  If any other World leader said such a thing, they would call the UN in to supervise the election but here we are, in America, where voting is supposed to be a sacred right that empowers our Democracy and we're just letting a guy who lost the popular vote by 6% when he ran – DICTATE the outcome of the next election.  Like a….. Dictator.

Trump’s refusal to endorse perhaps the most fundamental tenet of American democracy, as any President in memory surely would have, was the latest instance in which he has cast grave uncertainty around the November election and its aftermath. Democrats are growing increasingly alarmed as Mr. Trump repeatedly questions the integrity of the vote and suggests that he might not accept the results if he loses.  Hours after Mr. Trump’s assertions, Senator Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah, expressed alarm over the comments on Twitter

“Fundamental to democracy is the peaceful transition of power; without that, there is Belarus,” Mr. Romney wrote. “Any suggestion that a president might not respect this Constitutional guarantee is both unthinkable and unacceptable.”

I'm sorry if this is "political" but are we seriously going to let this happen? 

OK, I got that out of my system.  Now how about those markets?  As if Trump wasn't depressing enough we have the markets falling apart, which does tend to happen when Dictators seize control of Governments.  Usually the simple act of a Dictator seizing power doesn't lead to an economic collapse but, as I noted in yesterday's Live Trading Webinar, we're already in an economic collapse and on a path to have 117M Americans infected by November 2021 if we don't DRASTICALLY alter our course and if you think 1/3 of all Americans catching a debilitating disease is going to be good for the economy or the markets – you need to find another profession!  

Long Before Trump, There Was Nero : PoliticalHumorOf course we're not just talking about an extinction event for the American people – the entire human race now hangs in the balance of this election as we apparently have just 11 years left "to prevent IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE from Climate Change" according to a UN study.  That was back in March so we've already burned one of those years and re-electing Trump (or letting him stay in power despite the vote) will cost us 4 more years and, if Trump gets his way – maybe even 8.  

We are the last generation that can prevent irreparable damage to our planet,” General Assembly President María Fernanda Espinosa Garcés (Ecuador) warned the gathering in her opening remarks, stressing that 11 years are all that remain to avert catastrophe.

You can have a fire on the stove in your kitchen and you can smell some smoke and decide not to look at it because "it's probably nothing" and you can then have a raging fire in your kitchen and it becomes undeniable but you can then say "it will burn itself out" or "someone will do something about it" but there is a certain point at which the fire is now in your living room and surrounding your chair and you really should do something besides pray.  We're getting to that point, people!

When that fire is spreading from the stove to the kitchen to the living room – what is happening to the value of your house?  From the street, the house looks fine, perhaps with a warm light flickering through the window but there's a certain point at which the flames spread and become apparent to anyone looking at the house and suddenly the value goes from "Warm Home" to "Fixer Upper" to "Ashes" in a very short amount of time.

Don't be left holding the ashes….

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