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Track Of The Day: Teeth Of The Sea - 'Reaper'

Posted on the 06 November 2013 by Rw/ff @rwffmusic
Track Of The Day: Teeth Of The Sea - 'Reaper'Teeth Of The Sea's astonishing third album 'MASTER' is a record that's impossible to categorise and truly stands on its own in a musical world overpopulated by conformism. Incorporating elements of krautrock, electro-prog, psychedelia, metal and even disco (amongst other things) into a puzzle of cosmic terror, it's a terrific, boundary breaking fusion of sounds. 

Enjoy this trip into 'Reaper''s punishing disco textures, where bellowing synths, a pounding 4/4 beat and tribal percussion form the basis for a dramatic piece evolving into powerful, industrial post-rock. The stunning video for 'Reaper' was created by Benjamin Barfoot, with the help of body painting talent Natalie Sharp, who has worked on previous Teeth of the Sea photoshoots. Read my full review of the amazing 'MASTER' HERE, and go HERE to read my review of a rcebt show they played with Thought Forms and Esben And The Witch...

Track Of The Day: Teeth Of The Sea - 'Reaper'

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