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Track Of The Day: Jagwar Ma - 'Come Save Me'

Posted on the 25 September 2013 by Rw/ff @rwffmusic
Track Of The Day: Jagwar Ma - 'Come Save Me'Is it possible that one of my favorite new(ish) acts of the last year hasn't yet featured as Track Of The Day? Somehow, despite their brilliant debut LP 'Howlin'' visiting my ears frequently over the last few months AND being one of the albums of the summer, Jagwar Ma are making only their first appearance here as TOTD. Well, as I say a lot, better late than never. The group, based around the duo of Jono Ma and Gabriel Winterfield, combine psychedelica, acid house and 60's pop with a whole bag of other styles to create something truly magnificent. The group will be re-releasing 'Come Save Me' as a single, backed by an Andrew Weatherall remix of the track, which you can listen to HERE.

According to their label, the duo went about “creating a sound that would capture their love of contemporary electronica and classic American Soul”. Noel Gallagher recently said that “the future of the galaxy depends on the Temples and Jagwar Ma records”. Well if it's good enough for Noel, it's good enough for me.

Get your copy of 'Howlin'' HERE. Go on, I SERIOUSLY recommend it!http://twitter.com/jagwarmahttps://www.facebook.com/JagwarMahttp://soundcloud.com/jagwar-ma
Track Of The Day: Jagwar Ma - 'Come Save Me'

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