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Track Of The Day: Evil Blizzard - 'Feed the Flames'

Posted on the 03 October 2013 by Rw/ff @rwffmusic
Track Of The Day: Evil Blizzard - 'Feed the Flames'Among the various things in my inbox last week was a press release for an upcoming festival taking place soon in Birmingham. I don't have the money or means to get there, but some of the acts on the bill sounded hugely intriguing. A band with a name such as Evil Blizzard are sure to be worth checking out. It's not every day you're confronted by a devastatingly frightening group consisting of four masked bassists, a singing drummer and a theremin designed as a baby head. From what I've heard so far, their music comes from a place where the repetitive riffs of The Fall, the sheer darkness of Joy Division and the unhinged energy of Public Image Limited meet the crushing blow of death metal. They are also one of the few bands to receive the approval of Mark E Smith. Good work.

Songs are stretched beyond the seven minute mark and are still completely bullshit-free. Thriving on its brutal low-end force, and menacing repetition, the punishing snarl of each bass acts as a foundation for doomy alienated vocals, pulverising riffs and twisted sounds so unusual that it's often impossible to believe the instruments could be producing them. Louder Than War have signed them to their label and will be releasing their debut album 'The Dangers Of Evil Blizzard' on October 19. There are some absolutely laughable "alternative" bands out there who dubiously claim to make "rock" music. This lot would eat them alive.

Track Of The Day: Evil Blizzard - 'Feed the Flames'

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