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Track Of The Day: CuT - 'Time Traveller'

Posted on the 27 February 2014 by Rw/ff @rwffmusic

Track Of The Day: CuT - 'Time Traveller'I first heard this about a week ago being played on BBC 6Music and my what a tune. To my ears it's a little bit punky, and a little bit psych-y, like some sort of hybrid of Spacemen 3, The Ramones and Blur. Funnily enough, CuT (with a big C, a small u and a big T) are managed by none other than Andy Ross who used to take care of Blur. 

The London-based four piece band describe themselves as "space-punk" as well as "music with spirit", and the energy is certainly evident here. In an interview with Londontheinside.com, they stated: "We wanna write music for people who are like us and are not impressed with the mainstream, televised talent show, drudge that is forced down people’s throat’s by a unintelligent media. A majority of people are not represented by the latest major record labels lazy attempt at making money…Fuck that. The time is right for thing’s to change and for people to feel free again." Amen to that.


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