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Touch Me with Your Naked Hand, Or Touch Me with Your Glove

By The Persephone Complex @hollycassell


This is my latest shrine. It just sort of ‘happened’. And then when I noticed it was ‘happening’, I thought I’d add some things to help it along a little bit… seeing as I had zero spare creativity and absolutely no idea what to say in my next post. I thought I’d let my alter do the talking. Well…my alter, and the diary page that I tacked to the wall. Apparently I’ve stopped giving a shit. Y’all can just read my diary now. It’s so much quicker.
I was directed to this cover of the classic Leonard Cohen track by someone with whom I am at that delirious early stage of development, where you exchange music that can speak for you. I suppose putting it here might be a bit vain (HE THINKS OF ME WHEN HE HEARS LEONARD COHEN!!!!!) but I thought I’d do it anyway, because it is the sound of my life right now. It is in my head and in my walls, and hearing it may help you feel and understand things I cannot write about yet.

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