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Total Makeover in Minutes!

By Manjumodiyani @HoshiyaarChaddi

Total makeover in minutes!Hello blogger buddies! Hope you all are doing great. I was going through the blog updates today and I landed on this particular post on Linda's blog 'Linda Lou, live from Las Vegas'. She has mentioned about a virtual makeover site in the post, I was really excited to know about this site.
All my life, I have never used any make up and I have always had long straight hair. I have always wanted to try smokey eyes. But somehow I never did. Partially due to my habit of procrastination and partially due to not having any knowledge about applying make-up. But I do know some basics. I prefer natural looking make-up and here its hard to find someone who can do it. So I visited and tried on a virtual makeover. Here is the pic! Let me know about your thoughts on it! :D
I like the short hair. May be I should try it for real! :p

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