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Tornado Devastation In Joplin

By Gerard @presurfer
Tornado Devastation In Joplin
On May 22, a huge tornado hit the town of Joplin, Missouri, USA, wiping many neighborhoods off the map and thus far killing in excess of 120 people. I live in a country located within Europe's optimum zone of tornado frequency. The Netherlands gets its fair share of tornadoes but they are very weak. In fact, tornadoes of F1 (a tornado description of 'moderate damage' on the Fujita scale) or greater are uncommon in the Netherlands.
The tornado in Joplin had a rating of F5 on the Fujita scale. Here are some pictures that show the unbelievable and devastating damage. By the way, someone posted these pictures on a site called 'Totally Cool Pix.' I hope you understand that wasn't done on purpose. There's nothing 'cool' about these pictures.
(thanks Miss Rare)The Presurfer

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