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Topshop Lipstick in Coy

By K @stylesocoy
Topshop lipstick in Coy
Well, I'm gob smacked, that until 2 weeks ago week I had no idea that this lipstick existed. How is that even possible, it's named after me.....well it has the same name as me at least.
After spending a few minuted telling my friend Khila off for not keeping me informed, turns out that she just assumed I knew about it, I had a vendetta, the lipstick was going to be mine! very dramatic!!
I picked it up from my local Topshop for £7.00 a couple of days later and I love it, maybe a bit more than I should because we share a name. 
It's described by Topshop as 'Matte finish lipstick in a chubby pencil format, great for applying on the go'. 
The color is amazing and it feels really nice on my lips, however, I have a bit or dry skin on my lips and it really shows that up. I think that if your lips are really well conditioned and moisturised then this will be fine. Only thing is, I'm not looking forward to sharpening it!!!!
Topshop lipstick in Coy Topshop lipstick in Coy Topshop lipstick in Coy Buy Here!

I'm really loving Topshop's make-up range at the moment. Especially the Lipsticks and the blushes. I also swatched a golden highlighter in store, it was a little bit scary, the color pay off was immense but I can't stop thinking about how lovely it would look in summer. Has anyone tried the highlighter? Is it as scary as it looks?                            


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