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Top Wedding Fonts of 2013

Its FONTS season again! I promise I've got sooooo many goodies for you guys this Fall. I did so much work with my hands this season and I can't wait to share several projects. It is JUST now slowing down for me.
Thought I'd kick off my return to blogging by publishing what I believe to be, the most popular fonts of 2013.
  1. Carolyna Pro Black burst onto the scene and it is enjoying a run like Burgues Script had. I mean its everywhere, but its still new enough that it will look fresh on your wedding stationery if you choose to use it. I've gotten multiple requests to actually match this font in calligraphy for envelopes, place cards, etc. Not surprising, the thicks and thins are great and it can be dressed up or down. Plenty of glyphs too.
  2. Burgues Script cannot be removed from this list yet. Its becoming a rather "lazy" go to for designers (including myself), as well as a script often desired by new clients. What can you do but continue to use it? Definitely overused, but you also kind of can't go wrong with this one if you are having an elegant affair. Perfect for black tie.
  3. It was tough selecting the most popular handwritten font this year, but I've seen enough of Hiatus to believe that it's a new go to. Other worthy mentions are Laine Day SH and any of the scripts from the Charles Bluemlein Script Collection.
  4. Belluccia by Deb Sementelli of Lettering Art Studio continues to rise in usage. (Go Deb!)
  5. Adios Script Pro, unlike Feel Script and PF Champion seems to have hung in there. I didn't feel comfortable removing Adios because its usage is still high.
  6. With the "chalkboard wedding" revolution and desire to mix structural fonts with flourishing scripts, Chevalier Becker Stripes has not gone anywhere. Like Burgues Script, it has become a wedding "staple".
  7. Parissenne is a nice little neat cursive style script that keeps popping up in the online wedding invitation world, as well as Paper Source's suites.
  8. Channel is still a go to for the "designer/ironic" bride. Typically mixed with a nice block font.
  9. Nelly Script is a nice, reserved script that I continue to see. Great thing about Nelly is that it also has a flourish version. Powerful glyphs.
  10. Bombshell Pro has been threatening to make this list for a while now. Shabby chic and usually used in lower case form, I think bombshell is perfect for the right kind of occasion and I definitely want to use it to design a save the date real soon.

Top Wedding Fonts of 2013
Enjoy the fonts and I'll be back soon... --ct

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