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Top Wedding Fonts of 2011

Last year I did a post on Top Wedding Fonts of 2010.  2011 has definitely seen some changes. TONS of circus inspired and vintage invitations (see Bleeding Cowboys and Rosewood STD), as well as more relaxed handwritten scripts like Laine Day SH have allowed them to break into the 2011 list.
Burgues Script is still used ALL of the time and is officially overused at this point. The same can be said of Chevalier Becker Stripes. These two fonts are still beautiful but the combination of the two can be seen again and again on countless invitation suites. The visibility of even more ornamental scripts has emerged with the increased usage of Affair and Piel Script.  Feel Script is still a nice, clean, bubbly script that is a nice accent on invites as well as details.
Finally, an honorable mention should go to Art Deco fonts, but their usage in my opinion was not popular enough to make the list.
Enjoy the fonts and take care til' next time! --ct
Top Wedding Fonts of 2011

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