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Top Tips for Improving Child Safety in the Home

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Top Tips for Improving Child Safety in the Home

Top Tips for Improving Child Safety in the Home


Parents naturally worry about their children and for good reason. Children always manage to find a way to get themselves into trouble, no matter what age they are! It is especially important for parents with younger children to ensure that the home is a safe environment that is child friendly. Here are a few ways in which to achieve this.

Keeping Children Safe Around the Home

It is wise to never leave children – especially young children unattended for any length of time. Even in the shortest period of time children can find ways to cause trouble! It is also very important to keep cleaning products, alcohol supplies or any other potentially harmful liquids locked away and out of reach of children.

Don’t leave children alone with pets even for an instant. The best you can hope for is poor old Rover might get a disturbed, the worst isn’t worth imagining.

Children should not be allowed to use any cooking appliances such as the oven, cooker hobs or washing machines without the supervision of an adult. This may also apply to other kitchen appliances such as blenders, food processors and toasters. Kids are naturally inquisitive and curious and will often poke their fingers in some dangerous places.

It is also a good idea to keep a list of emergency contact numbers somewhere near to the phone. Other ways to make the home child friendly is to ensure that all plug sockets are covered when not in use. If you have wooden fixtures and fittings around your home such as oak skirting boards, internal oak doors make sure that they are child friendly (particularly at lower levels which you may not readily notice) and has no splinters or rough areas where children could potentially harm themselves.

Imparting Children with Vital Knowledge

One of the best ways to keep children safe is by helping them to understand why they shouldn’t do things that could cause harm. For instance, if leaving an older child in the home alone for any period of time, a parent could help the child see the importance of keeping all the doors and windows locked. It would also be cautious to help them see why they shouldn’t open the door to anyone apart from family or trusted neighbors.

One of the most important things to instill in children whether older or younger is never to talk to strangers and give out personal details. This applies even when the person claims to be a friend. If anyone does seek to gain personal information such as name, age, address or date of birth then a child must always tell a parent of such occurrences. Child should always ask before using the internet.

Keeping Kids Safe When Online

The internet is a very useful tool but it can also pose a danger and a threat, especially to children. Talk to children, no matter what their age about the correct ways to use the internet. Ensure that the computer is situated in a common area of the home such as the kitchen or the living room. Parents should always place parental restrictions on the internet and should always be aware of the type of sites their children are visiting.

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