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Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Characters in Books!

Posted on the 24 April 2012 by Pocketfulofbooks @PocketfulofBooks

Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Characters in Books! Description Top Ten Tuesday is a weakly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every week a different topic comes up and bloggers list their top ten books in that category. I love a good list...I've always said that. That's practically my catchphrase.
Top Ten All-Time Favourite Characters in Books

I love so many that this was a difficult one to decide on! I generally like characters with unique traits and lots of personality so that's something I think is found in all of the following characters. 10.  Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Characters in Books! Character Name:Frederick Algernon "FattyTrotteville Appears in: The 'Five Find-Outers' series by Enid Blyton
Why I Love Him: The Five Find-Outers series by Enid Blyton was something me and my sister will always associate with our childhood. A group of children live in a quaint English village and cycle around on their bicycles and solve mysteries and drink ginger beer and say 'Toppo!' and 'Spiffing!' Fatty is their leader and a master of disguise; the most cheeky and charasmatic creation I think Enid Blyton has ever come up with!

9. Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Characters in Books! Character Name:Esther Greenwood Appears in: 'The Bell Jar' by Sylvia Plath
Why I Love Her: Esther Greenwood is one of the most relate-able characters in English Literature...and her descent into horrifying depression just shows the dark that can overcome anyone at any time in their lives. Plath makes Esther such a realistic and beautiful character that you can't help but love her and empathise with her. She feels trapped and claustrophobic in her current rather mundane life, as though she is living under a bell jar...and sadly it seems Plath did too.

Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Characters in Books!Character Name:Henry DeTamble Appears in: 'The Time Traveller's Wife' by Audrey Niffenegger 
Why I Love Him: Henry has it all; he works in a library, he's scruffy, he's punky and he is so so sexy. Him and Claire together is magic and turns into one of the most believable and adorable relationships in literature. The time travel just makes it extra special. 
7.  Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Characters in Books! Character Name:Rudy Steiner Appears in: 'The Book Thief' by Markus Zusak 
Why I Love Him: I love all the characters in this book, especially Leisl, Death and Papa. But, for me, Rudy is the one I was praying for in the end and the one whose personality was both innocent and flawed and, ultimately, perfect. He loves Leisl right and doesn't let her down. He is funny and charming and generally adorable; and with all their hunting apples he is the Gale to her Katniss!

6. Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Characters in Books!Character Name:Fevvers Appears in: 'Nights at the Circus' by Angela Carter.
Why I Love Her: She is one of the most incredible and memorable characters I have ever seen in a book. A gargantuan aerialiste, a Cockney virgin, hatched from an egg with her own set of fledgling wings, she is unforgettable and wonderful. Her recollection of her time spent working in a 'freaks' brothel is particularly amazing.

5.  Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Characters in Books!
Character Names:Jane Eyre and Edward Rochester Appears in: 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Bronte.  
Why I Love Them: I had to choose them both because they come as a pair! Jane is always the reserved governess on the outside but loves passionately inside and Mr Rochester is the one who recognises her amazingness for the first time. Their clever banter and passion is hard not to love.  4.  Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Characters in Books!
Character Name: Penelope Keeling
Appears in: 'The Shell Seekers' by Rosamunde Pilcher  
Why I Love Her: This book is for adults but was one of my very favourites as a child. It's gorgeous. It largely explores Penelope's past life and her current relationships with her very different children. Penelope has always stayed with me for her misguided marriage, her inability to connect with her first child, her ability to not judge her now adult children,  and her glorious love affair with a soldier. It is all magnificently written.

3.  Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Characters in Books!Character Name: Matilda Wormwood Appears in: 'Matilda' by Roald Dahl  
Why I Love Her: How could you not!? She is a tiny girl who, despite her abuse at home from her ignorant family, becomes so intelligent she reads the whole library and begins to move things with her mind! She was my idol as a child and still is.

2.  Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Characters in Books! Character Name: Sirius Black Appears in: The 'Harry Potter' series by J.K Rowling  
Why I Love Him: To be honest I don't actually have a favorite HP character as they are all wonderful and indispensible. But Sirius is the sexiest so I went with that. And J.K Rowking broke my heart with one swoosh of a veil.

1.  Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Characters in Books! Character Names: Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe
Appear in: Anne of Green Gables + sequels
Why I Love Them: This is my favorite book and Anne is the best, most imaginative and charming character ever conceived! She is flawed and silly but that just makes her so much better. We won't talk about some of the sequels because the writer does make her a bit holier-than-thou but the original book is perfect so I will ignore that! And I had to put Gilbert in there too if only for his speech at the end of 'Anne of the Island'.

Hope you like these characters too! Let me know who you love!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Characters in Books!
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