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Top Ten Tips For Summer

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
Summer is here even if the weather doesn't show that! Many of you will be going Abroad like me or having a starvation in your country... Wherever you may be going you should definitely consider my top ten tips for summer.:)
1. Drink Water- Make sure you drink lots of water. If you don't keep hydrated your skin will become dry and and you will become dehydrated making you ill meaning you can't enjoy your holiday.
2. Suncream- ALWAYS wear suncream if its hot...even if you cant see the sun and especially if you are in the water. I would recommend SPF 20/30. We want to protect ourselves from wrinkles and the suns harmful rays that can cause things like cancer
3. Sunglasses- Protect our beautiful eyes... No wrinkles allowed
4. Fakebake- rather than baking yourself use a fakebake. It's really bad for your skin to be sitting out in the sun for too long so leave the baking to the cakes and use fake tan. You can get gradual faketan or instant fake tan I would recommend:- Loreal sublime and also St. Tropez tinted after sun.
5. Protect the Hair- Use hair products which protect your hair from the sun, again Loreal have sun protection range out for the summer. Helps to stop those split ends and dry hair.
6. Read- Read a book good for the brain If you do to much relaxing when you do go back to work your brain will be mush so a fun way to keep it active is to read it doesn't have to be a book a magazine will do the same job also puzzle activities on your phone or a puzzle book all great for taking on holiday.
7. Waterproof mascara- an essential for your holiday so you can look beautiful in and out the water
8. Camera- so you can keep all the lovely memories alive forever
9. SPF Foundation- If on holiday you wear foundation make sure the foundation  has an  SPF.
10. Polished nails!- brightly coloured nails are always good to have on holiday.
Hope you have a good summer stay safe and enjoy yourself :D xx

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