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Top Secrets in Building a Beauty Blog

Posted on the 13 April 2015 by Dfennell @BloggerGo

Starting a beauty blog may be just the right thing to do if you love beauty and want to share your knowledge with others. A beauty blog can incorporate so many things, from beauty hacks to reviews. You can cover hair, makeup, nails and even fashion- it’s your blog, make it what you want.

Running a beauty blog isn’t just about the beauty tips you’ll share. Here are a few things you should have on your blog if you want to bring people in to read what you have to say.


A big way to get views is to post reviews of the products that you use. If you get really good at product reviews you just might get some free products from companies in exchange for your honest reviews. Tried a new lipstick, tell your readers what you thought of it and how the color stayed, or didn’t.

Product reviews help other shoppers get an idea of what will or won’t work for them. Many people take time to research products online, looking for reviews like yours to determine what’s worth their money.


Posting video reviews and tutorials can be a great way to get repeat visitors on your blog. You can load your videos up to YouTube and link them to your site. Women love to see someone else doing beauty hacks before they try them out for themselves. Your step-by-step tutorial could be the thing that gives them the confidence to try a new look.

Product reviews done on video make a more visual statement to how you felt about the item and shows people how easy, or hard, it is to use.

Social Media

Sonoma Skin Works says that it’s all about the botox on their Facebook page. Have you tried botox, or any other skin care and beauty regimens like chemical peels or the like? Don’t just review your experience on your blog, share it on social media too. Social media marketing is a must have to draw new readers to your blog.

Social media is an endless array of places to interact with like minded individuals that may become your biggest fans. Share links to posts and even your videos and photos on Facebook and Twitter. Share looks and photos on Pinterest and Instagram.


Photos are probably one of the most important things to make a successful beauty blog. You can type all you want about what a certain color of eyeshadow does to make your eyes pop, but no one will really understand until they see it themselves.

You don’t need a fancy camera either. If your smartphone has a decent camera it’s enough to take some selfies to post on your beauty blog and social media.

There are already a lot of beauty blogs out there, but there’s enough room in the blogging pool known as the internet for everyone. Don’t be afraid to dive in and let everyone know what you know.

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