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Top Paying Careers For Females In 2017

Posted on the 08 August 2017 by Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

Top Paying Careers For Females In 2017

It is undeniable that there is still a sizeable pay gap between men and women in every state and industry. Just two year ago, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that women were paid, on average, 20 percent less than men. The median weekly earnings of women were $726 per week, while the median weekly earnings of men in 2015 were $895.

Pay projections show that the gap between men and women will not disappear until well into the 2100's. In spite all of the challenging numbers, there are several careers that can be very lucrative for women. Take a moment to look over a few of the top paying careers for females young and old.

Practice law

Becoming a lawyer takes a bit of time and education, but the salary may be well worth the wait. There are many areas of practice to choose from once you are licensed to practice law.

Lawyers counsel and represent individuals, businesses, or government agencies in a court of law to help settle legal disputes. Females practicing law in the U.S. earn an average income of $1,590 per week. That comes to a total of $82,680 per year.

Software developer

Technology is one of the most assured industries in the world. The rate at which people utilize technology in their daily lives is extreme. Becoming well versed in software development is a quick way to gain a lucrative career.

The requirements to become a software developer are not very strenuous, and the payout is nice. Four years of college to earn a median income of $1,457 per week, or $75,674 per year, is not a bad deal.

Human resources manager

A human resources manager is responsible for advocating the rights of the individual in the workplace. They recruit, interview, and hire for the company, as well as tend to payroll and additional training.

Human resource managers should be comfortable and capable of dealing with workplace conflicts, and be willing to step in to resolve those issues. Females in this line of work bring in an average of $1,300 per week, and $67,600 per year.

Nurse practitioner

Becoming a nurse practitioner takes a little time and effort, but those who are truly passionate about the medical field will enjoy the education. A nurse practitioner has to earn a master's degree in the field in which they plan to practice.

Practitioners are also required to acquire the proper state licensure to practice. Females at this level in the medical field earn an average of $1,682 per week, or $87,464 per year.


The road to becoming a licensed pharmacist requires a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in accordance with state licensure. Licensure requires passing two separate professional examinations. Women working as licensed pharmacists earn an average of $1,902 per week, and $98,904 per year.

Top Paying Careers For Females In 2017

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