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Top iPhone VOIP Apps 2016

Posted on the 29 January 2016 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

Make iphone calls free with voice over internet protocol apps. You can make and receive free audio calls to people using the same VOIP iPhone apps. I have already shared top 10 VOIP calling apps for android users.

But few days back I got some queries about advantages and disadvantages about voice over internet protocol. Then I have decided to write one more post about VOIP and what is the advantages and disadvantages of VOIP. Let's get started to read about VOIP and wonderful collection of iPhone and android apps. Here are best VOIP apps for android. Enjoy

Read More : Top 10 Best VoIP Apps for Android VOIP is known as voice over internet protocol, it's simply communication of voice traffic over IP based network. There are few terms commonly associated with VoIP are IP telephony, Internet telephony, broadband telephony, and broadband phone service. VOIP is available on many Smartphone, desktop and other internet devices. Through VOIP apps you can make and receive free audio calls.

This is our smart technology but every technology has some advantages and disadvantages and the other side new technologies always developed to erase the drawback of the previous technologies of version of smart devises. Here we talk about advantages and disadvantages of VOIP Apps.

What is Advantages and Disadvantages of VOIP

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Advantages Of VOIP

    Low cost - This new technology gives you greater saving on calls. If you have broadband internet connection (DSL or cable) you can easily make PC to PC calls anywhere in the entire world for free of cost.

  • Low taxes - Our Government have not heavily taxed VOIP phone services so you can compare between local telephone bill and internet calls. Choosing a VOIP service provider will save money for you and your family.

  • Probability - You can make and reaceive calls through broadband connection simply by signing into your VOIP ccount. If you are travelling, you just need a pack of headset or internet phone and you can make call to your family, business calls anywhere that you want to do.

  • Features - VOIP comes with an advanced features like call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail called ID, three way calling, and other communication features at no extra charges.

  • Voice Conference -VOIP enables advanced bandwidth capabilities and improved video-conferencing and at a reasonable price.

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Disadvantages of VOIP

No service during Power outage - During a blackout a regular phone is kept in service by the current supplied through the phone line. This is not possible with IP phones, so when the power goes out, there is no VOIP phone service. In order to use VoIP during a power outage, an uninterruptible power supply or a generator must be installed on the premises. Without Power VOIP phone are useless.

Emergency Calls - With VOIP emergency calls it's hard to find your actual location and send help in time.

VOIP Voice Quality - Voice quality is upto on both side connections. Some times during calls, there may be periods of silence when data is lost while it is being unscrambled.


These are the all advantages and disadvantages of VOIP mobile calls but I am extremely satisfied to do VOIP calls when I travel. Hope all my viewers who asked me question about VOIP apps will get satisfy now. If you have any question regarding VOIP apps then you can ask below in the comment box or send us an email at [email protected] will get back to you in between 24 hours. Thanks to read this content.

iPhone VOIP Calling Apps

  1. FaceTimeAudio - Make video call from you mac to other mac. It's easy, its' fun or almost as good as being there.
  2. iCall - iCall is very rich and interesting service plan. It has high definition voice and video calling let's start to make free video and audio calls.
  3. - Skype is the most downloaded calling apps of android and iPhone users. The quality is good if you have great wifi setup.
  4. Whatsapp - Whatsapp is the most popular calling apps for android and IOS users. There are billions of users who do voice call from whatspp now.
  5. Vopium - This app is same like others and always gives discount offers. If you are looking cheap call for abroad then you must try out.
  6. Viber - Viber is most popular calling apps to make free call from viber to viber users.
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Top iPhone VOIP Apps 2016

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