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Top Gift Ideas for Quirky Friends

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox

Buying presents for friends is never an easy task, but it becomes an even harder one when they have very unique tastes. If you know a lot of people that shun the traditional chocolates and bottle of prosecco in favour of things with a bit more fun to them, then you’ve come to the right place.
Here are the top gifts that are bound to get the quirky characters in your life bursting with excitement…
1.   Let them drive a supercar For the car enthusiasts amongst your friends, there can be no greater feeling in the world than being able to drive some of the fastest and most perfectly engineered cars being made today. Book a supercar driving experience and let them have the taste of luxury and speed for a day.
2.   Take them up and away Does your friend like to be free as a bird? They’ll meet plenty in the sky if you give them a hot air ballooning ride for their next birthday. This is perfect for people who like excitement, but who also want to be able to take in the incredible views that this experience has to offer.
3.   Let them prepare for take off If your friends are more adrenalin-junkies and thrill-seekers, then surely helicopter lessons or learning how to fly a plane would be right up their street? You can stay on the ground and way as they’re doing loop-de-loops.
4.   Do they work the camera? If any of your friends that are budding photographers, you’ll know how committed they are, how passionate they feel about it and how they’re always looking to improve. They would love a photography course; from food styling to landscapes, it’s bound to get their creative juices flowing.
5.   Give them something timeless If you want to give your friend something they can keep rather than an experience, then a charm bracelet is the perfect solution. You can use it not only as a stylish keepsake, but as a way of communicating your relationship. For example, the hamsa hand bracelet by ChloBo has a protective meaning behind it, and is said to bring happiness, luck, health and good fortune to the wearer.
6.   Wonders of the world Is there something they’ve always wanted to see? Is there a place they’ve always wanted to visit? Why not book a short break for them over a weekend so that they can finally fulfill their dream? It might sound simple, but it will mean the world to them.
7.   Get them to the zorbing field If you’ve tried paint ball and you’re bored with clay pigeon shooting, then why not try your hand at zorbing and book you and your friend onto the next available day? You’ll bounce around in an inflatable ball while your world is turned upside down, but don’t let me spoil it for you – head over to the site and check it out.
Do you have any more quirky gift ideas?
*This is a collaborative post.

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