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Top Four Professional Upholstery Cleaning Techniques

Posted on the 14 November 2019 by Tracy Ashley @stella_jea

Top Four Professional Upholstery Cleaning Techniques

Upholstered furniture offers ultimate comfort and improves the beauty of your living room. However, to maintain its look and comfortability, expert cleaning services are highly essential. These services also help to extend the life of your furniture. So, go through the article and check out the top four professional upholstery cleaning techniques.

Steam Extraction Process
Steam cleaning or steam extraction is one of the common upholstered furniture cleaning methods. In this process, the heat is utilized to clean the upholstery fabric. It helps to remove dirt, dust and grime from the fabric. This process is environmentally friendly. So, no harmful chemicals are used to clean. Professionals mostly use advanced steam cleaners. These cleaners have enough power to clean the furniture very deeply. Apart from that, this cleaning process is very cost-effective as compared to other professional techniques.

Carbonating Extraction Process
Carbonating Extraction or HCE is another advanced upholstery cleaning process. In this process, carbonation power is used to clean the fabric. Carbonating cleaning is a non-toxic cleaning process. So, it is considered a natural cleaning process. Another advantage is that in this technique, less amount of water is required as compared to steam extraction process. The carbonating process generally takes 5 to 6 hours to complete. According to the research, 97% of allergens are completely removed with the help of HCE. If you can use a sanitizer then you can remove 90% bacteria by using this technique.

The Advanced Chemical Cleaning Process
As the name suggests, in this process advanced chemicals are used to clean different upholstery fabrics such as leather, cotton etc. The advanced chemicals are eco-friendly and safe. The process is simple. The cleaning experts generally mix the chemical with a certain amount of water and prepare a solution. After they apply it on the fabric by using a sprayer. This process is comparatively faster than other processes.

Advanced Vacuuming Process
Last but not least, advanced vacuuming is the simplest process to clean any upholstered furniture. It is a fast and dry cleaning process. This is also known as deep vacuuming technique. Professional vacuum cleaners are quite different from the domestic vacuum cleaners. These cleaners have very high suction power and they are also very expensive. They can easily remove all dust and grim deeply from the upholstery fabric.

Choosing the best professional cleaning technique is very confusing. If you do not have proper knowledge about upholstery then you never know which cleaning process will be perfect for your furniture. So, if you want to clean professionally then don’t hesitate to hire the cleaning team in Fort St John.

Top Four Professional Upholstery Cleaning Techniques

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