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Top Five SEO Tips for Mobile Apps

Posted on the 14 February 2013 by Onqmarketing @onqmarketing

SEO tips for mobile appsIf there’s a Who’s Who list in the cyber world then it has to be search engine rankings. Every company that has a presence in the internet world simply has to know how search engine optimisation works and how it can benefit business. It is not just our world that has become smaller thanks to the internet, but the gadgets that we use to access the net have shrunk as well. None of us think twice about using our smartphone of choice to coast through the cyber waves. And oh those wonderful mobile applications! Whether it is to get our daily news fix or learning about our favorite celebrities – mobile apps can help us with everything.

Know your target market

So the target market for mobile apps is juicy, abundant and teeming with opportunities. As a mobile app developer your job may not really be over with the development of a great big humungous application. Marketing it is just as important. And as wonderful as the market for mobile apps may be, it is packed tighter than sardines in a tin can. So how do you get your mobile app to stand out and be counted? Well, we go back to the beginning – search engine rankings. Regardless of the domain in which your mobile app works – retail, media, health, travel and so on – you can do a few things to get the search engines to point to your mobile app.

Brand positioning

Literally! Name your application with the name of your brand. Putting your brand name within the application means easier recall for the customer as well. Christen your app with an interesting and easy name as well. Ideally, the app can contain the brand name and a description of what it does. For instance, would you really need explanation on what the ‘Gucci Style’ app is all about?

Work in a seamless world

Integrate your mobile app marketing strategy across as many platforms as possible. For instance, build a website around your mobile application, link it with social networking sites, link it with subject oriented or complementary websites. For instance, if you have built a travel related app then get into an alliance with a travel related website like Conde Nast Traveller and let your app pop up there. Make these messages valid and simple and clear. For instance, it is better to get eyeballs on “Get the BBC app for iPhone here” rather than “Get the iPhone App”.

The key is in keywords

For sure, using keywords is a tricky thing. Too many keywords and you will never do well in the search engine rankings and too less is, well, too less. But if you sit down and define keywords in relation to the target markets then you have yourself a winner. Knowing what a specific target market will type in when they search for mobile apps is crucial.

The right kind of filters

Filters such as country, price, language and so on are important keywords when people search for mobile apps. Also, depending on which store your mobile app is available in, you will have to tailor your keywords as well. For example, keywords need to be optimised for 100 characters at least in the Apple App Store.

Top five SEO tips for mobile apps
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