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Top 7 Small Business Start Up Ideas For College Students

Posted on the 17 April 2013 by Butterchicken @vivekkrishnan

With almost an unlimited number of possible customers, colleges offer a wide variety of small business options. For those with an entrepreneurial mindset, starting a college based business will help drive the itch into reality. Here are a few ideas of some great small business ideas for college students that can be started right away.

college startupBuy and Sell Used Furniture

With access to a large storage unit, experience with Craigslist, and some muscles, a college student can start a business that buys and sells used furniture. It’s surprising how many people would rather hand off their used furniture for cheap or even free to a person willing to take it. Then, just turn around and sell it on Craigslist for a profit.

Food Delivery

I was recently at a college in Northern California and I saw a business that delivered food from local eateries. They had a large menu from several different food places and offered delivery services. They added a dollar or so to each menu item and charged a flat fee for delivery. Here is a business for a creative mind that can really take off.

Hair & Makeup Styling

Here is a business that can be started in a dorm room. College offers many opportunities for the need to look nice. Whether it’s for a party, drama performance or important meeting, your peer’s may need your expert help with looking the part.

Moving Company

College students may move several times a year, and while many students cannot physically move large furniture or afford full service movers, here is a business that is reasonable to start. Watch out, many states require licenses and insurance to operate, but by staying within your college town and below the radar, this may provide some great business experience.

Delivery Parcel Service

Starting a delivery service within a college town may also be reasonable. In many colleges, riding a bike from one end to another is a breeze. If the word is out and your delivery business is well known, then it may be surprising how many people need packages or even their homework delivered same day.

Resume Writing Service

There is no doubt that college students may need some expert help with their resumes. If you have experience in writing outstanding resumes then here is a business waiting to be created.

Dog Walking / Animal Care

This is a great business to start for those who are animal lovers. With good time management skills, a college student can make a decent living walking and taking care of animals. Here is another business that with a creative mind has major potential for expansion. Pet hotels and dog grooming services are a few examples.

Starting a business in college may be the best option for college students who can not find a college job. Small business start-ups are a great way to gain some experience and find out how running a business is all about. Good luck students and future entrepreneurs!

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