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Top 5 Vertical Designer Radiators

By Futli @futlim
Top 5 Vertical Designer Radiators Top 5 Vertical Designer Radiators There is such a wide range of designer radiators easily available these days that choosing a good quality one as wellas sticking to a budget can take hours of browsing through websites. Takinginto account quality, price, looks and btu outputs, I have compiled below alist of my top 5 vertical designer radiators from the Discounted Heating website, this website is easy to use, pricing is very reasonably plus they havea price match offer in which, if you can find it online cheaper, they will tryto match it or beat it!

Radiating Style Massimo Range

These radiators are made to order so theyusually take around 6-8 weeks for delivery, having said that they are worth thewait! They look fantastic in any room and ooze quality, there is a vast choiceof sizes available in stainless steel or white and prices vary dependent onsize and color but overall good value!

The Radiator Company Torus Stainless Steel Radiator Range

These radiators are probably my favoriteoverall! They are one of the more expensive on my list but worth every penny!There are 4 sizes to choose from with a good btu output, made of stainlesssteel grade 304 combining large and small tubing they are made to top qualitythat lasts and come with a 20 year guarantee.

IMA RT Mirror Vertical Designer Radiator Range

Beautifully designed, these radiators arevery pleasing to the eye, there is 2 sizes to choose from and finished ineither white or mirror chrome, they have a decent btu output and are reasonablepriced for the quality.

Reina Cascia Designer Radiator Range

These radiators are the cheapest on mylist, available in a choice of 2 sizes and finished in black, they produce agood btu output and although the quality is not top of the range it’s stillmade to a very high standard!

Apollo Ferrara Glass Designer Radiator Range

These radiators are the most flamboyant onmy list, and have a price tag to match, having said that they are beautifullydesigned to a fantastic quality and look more like art than a radiator, thesestainless steel radiators have several finishes to choose from in tempered redor black glass or natural stone front panels, and are also available in a wavedesign, the btu output is good for the size and they can be fitted eithervertically or horizontally, you definitely get a lot for your money with these.  Discounted Heating UK
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By Designer Radiators by the Radiator Factory
posted on 03 July at 02:34
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These designer radiators range will surely be of great help to a lot of homeowners who are wishing to make their residences feel more comfortable. Thanks!

By Radiators
posted on 21 February at 12:41
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Heating radiators are not just devices for heating your home or office; they should an integral part of your interior design plans. Well designed stainless steel contemporary radiators rads & towel radiators can really enhance the appearance of a room and if selected in conjunction with the existing fixtures and fittings can compliment any living space.