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Top 5 Tips to Choose the Right Shapewear

By Jhilmil D Saha @jhilmildsaha
I have always believed in body positivity and have been a strong advocate of it. All of us should embrace our own curves and be flaunting it. However, sometimes to attain the right posture and to look at our best and to boost our confidence to the next level, we need something extra and here comes the use of shapewear. For women with curves and those with apple shaped bodies, the use of a good plus size shapewear can transform the look immediately. But we should also be aware of the right ways to pick the perfect Shapewear.
Top 5 Tips to Choose the right Shapewear

Top 5 Tips to Choose the right Shapewear:

1. Know your measurements: Generally we have a false notion that if we choose shapewear a size under, it will be better. But contrary to that belief, it actually accentuates the bulges and rolls in places. So it is always suggested that you know your body measurements and shop your shapewear accordingly.
2. Control level: Before you choose the right shapewear, you should determine the proper control level. There are generally 4 levels of control:
Smooth: Your aim is to look toned without the bulges. Here the comfort level is high.
Medium: The aim is to look a size slimmer and the comfort level is medium to high.
High: The aim is to look 2 size slimmer where the comfort level is medium.
Extreme: The aim here is to look 3 sizes slimmer and sculpted. The comfort level is low if worn for several hours.
Top 5 Tips to Choose the right Shapewear
Websites like Loverbeauty has really good shapewears meant for different body types and based on your comfort level.
3. Outfit that you will wear it under: You should pick your shapewear according to the outfit that you are going to wear it under. So if you are looking for a shapewear to wear under a casual wear, choose a smooth control shapewear. If it is for a bodycon dress for clubbing, you can choose from High to Extreme levels of control, depending on the time of wear.
4. Duration of the wear: Shapewears sometimes can be uncomfortable to wear for long time as it becomes really difficult to do our regular activities of using bathroom etc. The use of a crotchless shapewear makes it very easy for long wear use. Nowadays you can get a variety 
5. Purpose or Occasion: You should keep in mind the occasion you are choosing the shapewear for. Be it for your everyday wear to office, or for the pretty dress you have chosen for your friend's wedding, a shapewear can totally bring about that oomph that you need for the occasion. You just have to pick the right one.Top 5 Tips to Choose the right Shapewear
So these are the tips that you can follow to pick the perfect shapewear for your curvy frame. I hope these tips will be helpful for you for your next shapewear shopping.

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