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Top 5 Tips for Better Co-registration

Posted on the 22 November 2011 by Peterjbell @fuselead
Co-registration (or Co-reg) is an often misunderstood lead generation channel, largely due to it's affiliation with prize draw competitions and the huge variance in lead quality it can produce. Here are my top 5 tips for better lead generation results using co-registration:
  1. Know your publishers inside out - understand their business model, method of traffic generation, url's used for advert placement, role of incentives and the consumer experience. Do not allow your offer to be brokered out without your consent.
  2. Pricing - One lead price does not fit all. You should pay a range of lead prices that reflect the quality received. If you are unable to employ tiered pricing, average out what you should be paying if it means you can get more quality volume within cost per acquisition budgets.
  3. Quick follow-up - even if you can't convert leads the same day, at least ensure you make contact. Even if it's just an SMS or email acknowledgement.
  4. Respect your leads - this also means communicating with your prospects in a way that suits them. Using more effective creative design and copy-writing can uplift results by 20%+.
  5. Conversion feedback - the quicker you can loop back sales results into your campaign the faster you can optimise for conversions instead of volume. If your lead time is too long for weekly decisions due to a considered purchase, find an earlier indicator such as email click-thru as a benchmark of success.
I can guarantee if you follow these tips your conversions from co-registration will increase before the week is out!

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