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Top 5 Things to Do When You Haven't Been Blogging

By Alysonisneat
I have clearly been incredibly absent the last few weeks.  I could give all the common excuses, that its hot but really its just hot and I've been lazy, wanting to grab a few more minutes of sleep instead of taking pictures.  So here is what I've been up to in pictures that are not from me because I keep forgetting to take pictures (must get better at pictures!)
1. Canoeing
Top 5 Things to do When You Haven't Been Blogging
This weekend I went canoeing with friends.  I also got incredibly sunburned!  This skin hasn't seen sun (actually been burned) in about 2 years.  I'm such a good little fair skinned lady, always wearing the sunscreen.  Well, except for this time.  If someone can please explain to me how my left hip got sunburned, I'd really appreciate it.  I don't get it.
2.  Camping
Top 5 Things to do When You Haven't Been Blogging
Okay I lied.  I did take some pictures.  Sam and I went camping at Rock Island State Park.  There are so many places to hike and find stuff like this, a gorgeous waterfall of ice cold spring water.  There is a river that has tons of swimming holes filled with ice cold spring water.  An old mill across the street from an old spring full of ice cold spring water.  Did I mention that the water was ice cold?  Oh, I did okay.
3. Sweating
Top 5 Things to do When You Haven't Been Blogging
I'm such a Texas girl.  I love summer.  I love warm nights.  I love the humidity (sometimes).  I love how the heat hits you like a wall when you walk outside... It is hot in Nashville.  Texas hot.
4.  Blowing up sparkly things
Top 5 Things to do When You Haven't Been Blogging
I am very thankful for the rockets red glare, and the American flag.  Yes, I get it.  Most people in other countries hate America and the fact that I'm from Texas doesn't make it any better because most Americans that are not Texans, think Texans are obnoxious (Texas Forever!).  I love fireworks.  I love all the cool ground ones the most.  I also really love to light smoke bombs and then run through the smoke.  I pretend to be a super villain.  Did you also know I'm a huge dork?
5.  Working
Top 5 Things to do When You Haven't Been Blogging
If I have been working, then why am I also putting up a clip of Parks and Recreation?  Well, despite the fact that I work in a cubicle... I think my work place environment is most like the Pawnee Parks Department.  The team of people I work with are really funny, AND our department loves to throw a good party.  I also don't know if working is typically a top 5 thing to do when you haven't been blogging, but it does take up a lot of my time.
I'll be getting around to prancing in my back yard, taking pictures of myself twirling and what not soon.  Perhaps I'll take pictures of Sam and I drinking beer or grilling.  For now, I'm going to go get some chocolate pudding.
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