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Top 5 Technological Advancements In Law Enforcement

Posted on the 18 July 2016 by Nrjperera @nrjperera

Remote Controlled, Wireless and Highly Mobile Cameras


Police often find themselves in situations where scenes are far too dangerous to risk entering. With rising violence and hostilities towards police officers across the country, law enforcement has been relying heavily on new mobile, wireless cameras. The technology for these extra eyes is being constantly improved.

These cameras can navigate a crime scene by using an electric motor and unique wheels, which allow the camera unique mobility. Other amazing details include the camera’s ability to climb and explore its environment wirelessly. These cameras were developed and continuously improved on by ReconRobotics located in Edina, Minnesota.

The Gunshot Detection System


Whenever there has been an active shooting situation, law enforcement often finds itself having to waste a lot of time going through arduous investigations concerning the gun or guns used, where the shots came from and most importantly, who the shooter is.

New technology from ShotSpotter has been utilized by the Nassau County Police Department. This system is based on electronic sensors placed throughout problem neighborhoods to help determine the precise source of the gunfire. It has helped the most when officers have to deal with witnesses not willing to cooperate.



Tablets and application technology is now developed and used actively by police officers. This technology and special applications are now becoming utilized by a growing number of police departments to take statements, pictures of crimes scenes and victims and to videotape other important evidence, which is considered a breakthrough method when dealing with a crime scene.

The way to maximize this and other new technologies are now being placed into the academics of respected criminal justice programs like the one offered at ASA college. Associates’ programs in criminal justice like at ASA college are starting to offer quality education on this and many other breakthroughs in technology for police.

Advanced Drones for Local Law Enforcement


Drones are not especially new, but they are new tech for local law enforcement, and the development of the T-Hawk Micro Air Vehicle is considered cutting edge. It is equipped with a high def camera, and it is small enough to often go undetected by criminals.

Giving police a bird’s eye view with a perfect camera has been an important breakthrough in technology for local law enforcement. Also, it has distinct advantages for safety and evidence gathering.

GPS Vehicle Pursuit Darts


Frantic, high-speed pursuits are a danger to the police and to the general public, but there is finally a way to make it safer. The company StarChase has a system allowing pursuing law enforcement to shoot a dart at a vehicle with GPS equipped technology. This breakthrough technology allows the criminal’s vehicle to be tracked at a safe distance.

These five developments have done a great deal of good for society. New technology is constantly being developed to assist law enforcement in the fight to keep the public safe. The developments above are proof of the amazing talent police actually have, and the effort criminal justice programs go through to keep law enforcement trained and educated.

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