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Top 5 Surfer’s Places in Bali

By Geturholidays

Apart from their distinctive beauty, Bali's coasts are also magnificent for surfing. Here, I have listed six of the best of them for your suggestion, so that you could book Bali honeymoon packages from India. 

Top 5 Surfer’s Places in Bali

Surfer's place Bali

1. Nusa LembonganNusa Lembongan is a tiny land situated around 20 km from Bali's east beach. You can arrive at the place by speedboat within 1 hour. Bali Cruise Bounty and Balihay Cruises offer a transportation service to arrive at the island. This island is popular for surfing. Moreover, it has beautiful natural view that is very attractive for tourism. You can also enjoy diving and snorkeling here. In Nusa Lembongan, you can surf relax fully as the coast here is not too packed. For greatest surfing delight, go to surf between April - October where the wave touches its utmost altitude.
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2. Serangan Beach
Serangan Beach is situated in a tiny Island close to the Denpasar. Though it is close to the city, Serangan Beach is not as packed as Kuta and Sanur. This coast is explored by a number of surfers. The wave here is perfect for the starter as its altitude is only 4 to 6 feet. The perfect surfing time in Serangan is early in the morning from November to April. 
3. Kuta Reef

Top 5 Surfer’s Places in Bali

Kuta Reef Bali

Kuta Reef is a great site for surfing in the globe and the exact place of Kuta Reef is opposite Sandhi Pala Motel, or, about 800 m offshore. To arrive at Kuta Reef, you can hire a boat that is present close to the coast.
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4. Uluwatu
Uluwatu is located in the north part of Bali and nearby Pura Uluwatu. Only experienced surfers are permitted to surf here because of its very high wave. It is always used as the place for surfing competition.
5. Padang Galak
Top 5 Surfer’s Places in Bali

The Beach is also well-known as Ketewel Beach. It is considered to be one of the perfect surfing sites in Bali. To get there at the beach, you only take 20 minutes by taxi from Denpasar. Padang Galak is also nearby to Sanur. This surfing place is visited by a number of travelers, particularly the Japanese.
6. Medewi Beach
Medewi Beach is situated in the regency of Jembrana. It is simple to visit to this beach. You will have to drive approx 2 hours from Denpasar. The Beach is also popular as the best surfing place in Bali, perfect for either novice or professional surfers. You can enjoy the surf here any time, but I suggest you do it in the first light.
Bali is mostly visited for its beautiful beaches that offer great waves to surf. Bali Holiday packages from Ahmedabad is an impressive way to discover the best places in Bali to enjoy surfing. If you also like to do surf in the pristine surrounding, then it is the best place.
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