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Top 5 Popular & User-Friendly Web Browsers

Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Butterchicken @vivekkrishnan

Web browsing has reached its pinnacle where various web browsers offer you speed, safety and are extremely user-friendly. Here is an article that lists out the top web browsers for modern day internet browsing.


Mozilla Firefox


Firefox browser created by Mozilla, a non-profit organization claims to be among the most ethical, fast and safest way to browse the internet. Features include easy browsing by using tabs above address bar for a better focus on content. All your bookmarks are now available on a single button in Firefox, which makes it ideal for heavy browsers. It also boasts of superior compatibility with any operating system that you might be using. If you are an active social media person, there are also many Twitter addon plugins available for Firefox.

Apart from this other additional features include one-click bookmarking, download manager, library, password manager etc.

Mozilla is completely free and you can download it here:

Google Chrome


Chrome is a web-browser from Google. This browser is an excellent way to browse multiple tabs without your computer hanging or performing slowly. Also, they have an excellent feature called Incognito, where you can browse in a mode where your history or browsing cookies would not be saved. Because after all, it is good to go under ground some times.

One can synchronize their Google mail account details into the Google Chrome such that you are able to access the same settings for your browser every time no matter which device you use. It could be your friends PC or any third-party device. Once you access Chrome via your Gmail account it gets as good as browsing in your own computer.

Chrome has all the features that Firefox has to offer, it is only a matter of preference on what you would like to use for your browsing needs.

Internet Explorer


The most defamed browser has now started to gain acceptance once more. Nevertheless, many people are still wary before using Internet Explorer since its earlier versions where notoriously slow and annoying to browse in. However, the latest version of IE has turned out to be nothing like its predecessors. The browsing is fast and seamless with a very modern, chic look.

Internet Explorer moots you with enhanced browsing safety with built-in tools like SmartScreen Filter and Tracking Protection.

You can download Internet Explorer here:



Safari is a browser from Apple and a product that they have not really concentrated on. However, it is quite a popular browser among Apple fan-boys. iCloud Tabs is a must-have feature for users having iPhones and iPads as it allows you to view web pages seamlessly. The Share button encourages users to post their favorite links to Facebook and Twitter.

You can also save on articles that you can access later on your browser, even if your offline. This feature is available in the Offline reading list. The same feature is also available in Mozilla Firefox where you can access saved web pages in the offline mode.



It has taken a beating after Firefix, Chrome and Explorer proved their worth to web browsers. But it is a pretty nimble web browser as well with a few features that others do not have such as “Opera Turbo”, which can allow you to browse faster even if your internet connection is slow. A “duplicate tab” feature which allows you to open the same site in another tab without the need to copy-paste or anything. Other features include Page zoom, Tab Stacking, Mouse gestures and more. Do try it out, you might just love Opera!

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