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Top 5 Most Common Miscarriage Reasons

By Shwetashetye

Top 5 most common miscarriage reasons

Birth of child is the most awesome experience of your life. The little fingers that touch you with innocence and the baby smell in the house can only be experience, and explained in words. But, the process of pregnancy is lined with a parallel experience, that of a miscarriage.

Did you know that 15 percent of known pregnancies end up in a miscarriage in the first month of pregnancy? The pain of losing a child, however early or later in pregnancy, can take a toll on parents. The moment it happens the questions start circling in your head. Why it happened to me? What could I have done differently?

The only solace you can find is by knowing the reasons the miscarriage happened and then making sure to take precautions the next time. Research also states that miscarriage is a one-time occurrence. This statement does bring a ray of hope to moms who are trying to conceive after going through an emotional experience of miscarriage.

Though I have not been through this turmoil, I have close friends who have. They were not devastated or in shock when the news came through, but there was a weird silence surrounding them all the time. I hope these findings help my other friends to be cautious and avoid a miscarriage in those early months.

Reason 1: Incompetent cervix

During pregnancy, when the final months come, the fetus grows large enough causing the cervix to bulge. If you are suffering from an incompetent cervix, the cervix will not be able to handle the pressure. The major issue with this problem is that it cannot be detected until later stages of the pregnancy. If found during that time, you may have to get a stitch to seal up the cervix until delivery. You might also be put on bed rest.

Reason 2: Thyroid issues

Hereditary Thyroid issues have been too linked to cause difficulties in helping the fetus survive. During early months of pregnancy detection you will be checked for thyroid history. Make an effort to follow the lifestyle suggested by the doctor if you have family history of Thyroid.

Reason 3: Bacterial Infections

Though not a major issue and one that can be treated with antibiotics, it can certainly cause a problem when the embryo is trying to develop on the internal lining of the uterus. The infection shows no symptoms and the only way to know is to get tested for it.

Reason 4: Lifestyle

Such an obvious reason and yet highly ignored. So, when you get the news that you have conceived, make a promise to yourself to live the healthiest lifestyle you never thought you would possibly live. Give up any drugs or smoking issues you are facing before you try to get pregnancy to avoid the pain of miscarriage.

Reason 5: Chromosomal Abnormalities

We all know that each cell in our DNA carries our genes in form of structures known as chromosomes. We have 23 pairs of them out of which one set is from the mother and other from the father. If any one of the parent is facing chromosomal abnormalities, the chances of a successful pregnancy deteriorate. If you face miscarriages more than once, getting tested for these abnormalities seems logical. Timely detection can help find solutions better.

Though these are just some of the pointers that I researched for and found everyone should be aware of, never hesitate to ask your doctor about the same in your first meeting with him. Be open to discuss about possibilities of a miscarriage and when you need to get in touch with him. Know the alert signs so timely intervention can be done.

Good and bad are part of life. The real winners are those who triumph over any situations. Be an alert parent and enjoy the life that is Parenthood!

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