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Top 5 Toddler Games to Play During Summer

By Shwetashetye

Is your toddler keeping you on your toes asking for toddler games to play during summer? This list of top 5 toddler games to play during summer can help you maintain your sanity.
Summer is here and aren't we all struggling to find some respite from the heat. Can you sit even a minute without the air conditioner? It is tough for me to imagine. And it is even tougher for my 1.5-year-old with all the heat. So, I did what I always do and started researching for fun activities to do with toddlers during summer.
There were so many suggestions and options that I was left confused. All the activities were fun, but there was a thing I noticed. Many of the activities were to be played out in the yard. What does that mean for someone who stays in metro with hardly any outdoor space? It means I have to sulk and sit in one corner. No, that is not what I did, rather I started collating activity ideas for all moms to try out irrespective of whether you have a yard or don't.
Be prepared because some of these games are messy. They will need some prep work and collecting things before you get your toddler to start with the games. But, playing these activities with my daughter guaranteed that she was engaged, active, and playing for a good amount of time.
So, here are the top 5 activities that you can try out to keep your toddler busy:

    Water tub and toys: This is a sure shot activity that you can keep extending by handing out different toys to your toddler. What I did was laid down a big towel and made her sit on it with just her diaper. This way you even if you have a mess, just put the towel in the machine and you are done with the cleaning.
    Dusting anything and everything: Do you want a well-mannered toddler? Develop these good habits early on. Give them a piece of cloth and show them how to dust. My daughter loves dusting all the furniture, frames, or anything she can reach.
    Crayons and paper: Let your toddler enjoy the simple pleasure of scribbling on paper or floors. I use Crayola, which can easily be wiped off the floors and washed in the machine if it is on your toddler's clothes.
    Colored dough: I use our simple wheat four dough that we use to make Rotis and just add food coloring or Tempera color to it. Then I give her cookie dough cutters to make shapes out of it. If you have had someone's birthday recently celebrated, reuse the knife the bakers give for cutting the dough. These knives have no sharp edges and are perfect for this activity.
    Pegboards of different kinds: This works wonders with my toddler. She can sit for hours with the pegboards. I have different kinds such as alphabets, animals, birds, everyday things, and more. These let her practice picking up things, puzzle basics, and learning as she does all that. Though I do not pressurize her to memorize each one, I do mention what she is holding in her hand to make it easier as she grows older.

This is a not a comprehensive list, but I have tried loads of activities, and these are just the ones worthy of my list. Though she enjoyed these activities, these did not keep her busy for long. Also, the amount of mess was much larger for me to control. These top 5 toddler game ideas have best worked with my daughter and I hope they help you too.
How do you keep your toddler engaged during the summer? What are the activities you plan on doing with them? Let us know your ideas so we have more to add to this list.

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