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Top 5 Favourite Olivia Wilde Roles

By Newguy

Olivia Wilde is one of the hottest actress in Hollywood today, but however many films she appears in she just can’t catch a box office break. I am going to see what I think are my favorite performances out of her 49 credits to her name.

5. Rachel Salas – In Time (2011)


Rachel is the mother of Will played by Justin Timberlake in a world whether is aged to be 25 years old and you each have a digital clock you have to work to continue living. She and her son struggle to keep their clocks in time where she has one of the heart-breaking deaths in this world.

4. Sabrina McKay – The Change-Up (2011)


Sabrina is the seductive fellow employee working with Dave but once he swaps bodies with his best friend Mitch he gets to experience a night with her in this body swapping comedy.

3. Suzy Miller – Rush (2013)


Suzy is the love interest of James Hunt as this film focuses on the famous rivalry between two of the greatest racers in Formula One history.

2. Quorra – Tron Legacy (2010)


Quorra is defender of Flynn inside the world of TRON she is computer generated and dreams of the outside world as shee helps both Flynn’s escape the prison they find themselves in.

1.   Dr Remy ‘Thirteen’ Hadley – House (2007-2012)


Thirteen as the character went by most is part of the new team built by House after his old team fly in their own direction. She is tough independent woman who has a secret that will change her life. She was a great addition to the show and actually challenged House on multiply occasions.

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