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Top 5 Fashion Icons to Follow on Twitter

By Girlratesworld @girlratesworld

Thanks to the Internet, the fashion world is no longer a secular or exclusive venue where only insiders know the latest style news. Today, fashion icons and those “in-the-know” have taken their voices to the Twitterverse, or Twitter, connecting with like-minded fashionistas every where.

These top five fashion icons, some of which you may have never even heard of, are one of the most popular people in the fashion industry. Not only do they have the knowledge of this season’s hot tips and style trends, but they can relay this information to their followers in an instant.

Twitter Meets Fashion

Thanks to the Internet, any fashionista (or fashionisto) can catch up on the latest trends without ever stepping foot into a runway show. With Twitter, fashion columnists, photographers, make-up artists, editors, and models have taken to the medium to express their views on the industry during its constant state of evolution. Thanks to Twitter, and other like social media outlets, any person desiring to know more about the world of fashion, or those who are just interested in the aspect of celebrity, can get the latest news from this exciting and fast-paced world.

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The Top 5 Fashion Icons on Twitter: Who To Follow and Why

Sarah Brown (@SBVogue) – Sarah Brown is the beauty director of American Vogue, lending her skills to readers on the latest trends in the beauty world. From make-up and moisturisers, to the latest clothing and accessory trends, this is a Twitter user every girl should follow to stay on up-to-date on current beauty must-haves.

Pat McGrath (@patmcgrathreal) – A celebrated make-up artist in the fashion world, Pat McGrath is the leader in providing beauty tips on the social media site. As a make-up artist for runway shows and photoshoots for the most famous photographers and designers, Pat McGrath has all the information and connections any fashionista would ever want.

Coco Rocha (@CocoRocha) – Model and businesswoman, Cocoa Rocha is constantly on Twitter to help spread the word about the business side of modelling, and the industry in general. A long supporter of model rights on the job, Cocoa Rocha is the leader in empowering women on their quest in the industry. She is also very humorous in her postings, lightening up the day for any Twitter user.

Marc Jacobs (@marcjacobs) – More likely than not, Marc Jacobs is a name that rings with a sound of familiarity. By taking the reins of Twitter, Marc Jacobs is spreading awareness around his brand, and reaching consumers everywhere through social media engagement.

Jane Larkworthy (@WmagJane) – As the beauty director for W Magazine, Jane Larkworthy is taking to Twitter to update on the latest trends showing up at the shows of the most famous designers all across the world. At every fashion show, Jane updates users with pictures, short descriptions, and brief opinions about the new styles in fashion.

Twitter is no longer a place where you can stalk your friends or coworkers. It is now an engaging social site to help people with a variety of interests connect and interact. The fashion world is exploding on Twitter, and many of the icons in the industry are slowly but surely joining the ranks of the icons mentioned above. With more and more interaction and brand engagement on the rise through the Internet, it is certain that the fashion world will be increasing exponentially on Twitter.

Who are your favorite fashion icons to follow on twitter? How about music icons? Let me know in the comments below.

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