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Top 5 Factors To Consider While Investing In Real Estate

By Jhilmil D Saha @jhilmildsaha

 As soon as the year 2020 started, the world turned upside down. The news of the COVID-19 pandemic spread like wildfire across the globe and everyone was terrified. Well, it is only natural to be scared in such a situation. 

Top 5 Factors To Consider While Investing In Real Estate

The pandemic not only affected our everyday lives but also affected the global economy. As a result, every industry suffered a major blow. Some businesses went down, and some are still recovering. 

One such industry that faced the wrath of the pandemic a bit more than the other sectors is the real estate industry. Deloitte UK made a complete report stating how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the real estate industry and what the long-term implications look like. 

Well, if you are thinking of investing in real estate anytime soon, then there are certain factors that you need to consider a bit more. 

Checklist For Investing in Real Estate In 2022 

One mind-boggling thing is that investors around the world are showing great interest in UK properties. Even though the UK suffered a great blow during the pandemic, the real estate industry there is still flourishing. 

The demand for residential or commercial properties in the UK is still there and it will only keep on rising in the upcoming years. 

An article published by the Guardian stated that 2021 was the strongest year for mortgage lending since 2007. 

In order to embark on this industry or to grow your business further, you should be able to identify market trends, types, and other factors to get the maximum ROI. Here are some factors that you need to take care of while investing in UK Real Estate: 

Commercial Or Residential- Make A Choice 

First things first, you need to decide whether you want to invest in commercial or residential property. Now, you might ask what is the big difference? Well, the major difference lies in the name: 

● Commercial properties are usually used for commercial purposes such as offices, studios, etc. 

● Residential properties are used for residential purposes meaning you either invest in them to live there yourself or rent them out to tenants for residing there. 

There are so many avenues to venture into the present market that without proper research it is going to be a hassle, especially for beginners. Therefore the first step is to research and study your requirements and make a list of them. 

Location Is A Major Factor: 

Another major aspect of investing in a property is considering the location. There are various kinds of neighbourhoods in the United Kingdom and this applies to cities all across the globe. 

Every corner of the world is different and you will find a different vibe everywhere. Therefore, it is extremely important that you think carefully about what kind of location you want, what kind of neighbourhood you want, what amenities you want, what facilities you want and so on. 

The location would also decide the price, the future rates of the property and how high or low your ROI will be. Some key factors that will help you decide the location wisely are: 

● Go back to the first point- it is not possible to choose a location without deciding what kind of property you want. 

● The next thing to decide is whether you want to buy it for yourself and rent it to tenants, whether you want to rent it and so on. 

● Along with present amenities, you also need to see what the future of that area looks like and how it will benefit your property. 

● Trust the word of mouth and communicate with people nearby. Read reviews and scan several areas before finding that one spot.

Figure Out Your Finances 

Since we are talking about real estate, the investment is going to be huge. It is not something you can buy impulsively or while shopping in the mall (unless you are one of the richest people on the planet).

 If you are serious about the real estate thing, you must sort out your finances. Yes, investing in real estate will bring you great benefits in the future. But, you need to have a solid base before beginning the journey. 

Also, you can always rely on taking bank loans and if you are having trouble calculating the EMI, mortgage and other factors, we highly recommend you use the EMI calculator. It would definitely make things easier for you and help plan things with ease. 

Have A Basic Knowledge Of The Industry 

Even if you are just starting out, you need to have a basic outline of the industry. You cannot blatantly trust the internet and the people around you. It is important to do your research, study the market, learn about the market trends, and prices and then go ahead with it. 

If you have any confusion, feel free to seek advice from industry experts and ask questions. I read somewhere that you only make silly mistakes, you do not ask silly questions. As long as it helps you, every question is valid. 

Do Not Forget The Legalities 

Real estate comes with a lot of legal formalities. However, you cannot ignore these formalities. These are extremely important and need to be completed with utmost efficiency. 

You need to ensure that you are legally compliant to invest in real estate and this includes many factors other than money. 

Wrapping Up 

One thing that I would like to mention before wrapping up this article is that you have to be patient. Especially since we are surviving a pandemic, returns and revenues might be slower than in the pre-pandemic era. Remember that if you select the right property, the right place and put the right people to work, investing in UK properties might be one of the best decisions of your life.

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