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Top 5 Earrings Designs for Diwali

By Jhilmil D Saha @jhilmildsaha
With October in its full bloom, the festive season has already begun. Its Diwali knocking at our doors, and the preparations for festivities are on, at every Indian household. One of the key aspects of Diwali is shopping- be it for our house or for ourselves. Buying jewelry during the festive occasion of Diwali has been considered auspicious since long. A beautiful ethnic look for Diwali is incomplete without the right set of Earrings. I prefer versatile designs that can be paired with any ethnic outfit of any color.
Top 5 Earrings Designs for Diwali
Here are such 5 Earrings Designs that can be perfect for Diwali:
Chic Chandeliers: When deciding on buying a pair of earrings, the facial features of the wearer plays an important role. But there are certain designs that can flaunt and enhance any facial structure and shape. One of the most popular designs is Chandelier earrings. Be it in solid gold or gem studded, a pair of chandeliers can be very eye-catching and one hardly need any other jewelry piece to go with it. A pair of Diamond Chandelier Earrings can be the talk of your Diwali party and can match any outfit, from saree to lehenga or salwar suitsTop 5 Earrings Designs for Diwali
Dazzling Danglers: If you want your single piece of jewelry to be the highlight, nothing can beat dazzling danglers. There can be innumerable options in design when it comes to danglers. Mostly the ones that are long in length and almost dust your shoulders save you from wearing a neck piece separately. Danglers with multiple layers look stunning on anybody.Top 5 Earrings Designs for Diwali
Jazzy Jhumkas: Jhumkas are timeless pieces of earrings. Any jhumka design can give a tough competition to any contemporary earring piece. It is said, the older the variety of jhumkas, the better, because of the quality of gold used. Gold jhumkas with pearl rimming are real classic pieces and look effortlessly stunning with silk or brocade outfits.Top 5 Earrings Designs for Diwali
Dainty Drops: Not everyone prefer earrings that look and feel heavy. For those with a liking for lightweight and elegant jewelry pieces, drop earrings are the perfect options to sport with any ethnic wear. They look adorable and stylish without being loud. The advantage of investing in Drop Earrings is they look equally flattering with both traditional and Western outfits.Top 5 Earrings Designs for Diwali
Stunning Studs: It is often said that stud earrings are for regular wear. However, few Stud earrings are designed so beautifully, that they can compete any other form of earrings for a perfect Diwali look. Bigger Ear Studs with oval or rounder forms that cover the entire ear lobe region look very attractive and actually can complete an ethnic look adequately.
Top 5 Earrings Designs for Diwali
Other than these, there are various other types of Earrings Design like Chandballis that are hanging earrings with a fuller and rounder shape, hoop earrings that are shaped as circle and ear cuffs that are designed to cover the entire ear area. Nowadays, we get a lot of fusion designs in earrings too that look equally appealing for festive occasions. We need to choose our earrings for Diwali according to our taste and style.

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