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Top 5 Bengali Thriller Web Series of 2020 on Hoichoi

By Jhilmil D Saha @jhilmildsaha

 Hey beautifuls, since  most part of last year was spent at home, we could catch up to a lot of movies and web series on OTT platforms. Are you fond of regional content? Hoichoi is the most popular Bengali OTT platform offering newly released movies to old classics and really amazing web series. Apart from romantic, comedy and social ones, Hoichoi has come up with few really nice Thriller Web series in 2020. Since I am a big fan of Thrillers, I have thoroughly enjoyed watching all these web series a lot. Today I have listed  the Top 5 Bengali Thriller Web Series on Hoichoi.

Top 5 Bengali Thriller Web Series of 2020 on Hoichoi

Top 5 Bengali Thriller Web Series on Hoichoi

1. Tansener Tanpura Season 1 & 2: This is undoubtedly the best one of the lot, specially for a semi-classical music lover like me. An interesting plot revolving a young musical prodigy, Alap, his Rockstar girlfriend, Shruti and her mother, a renowned singer, Madhubanti, who herself is the daughter of one of the topmost musical maestros of India, Pt. Kedar Mishra, set in a beautiful imaginary place called Anandagarh. The thrill starts as soon as Alap starts decoding a series of instrumental riddles that leads him to Pt. Mishra's few favorite disciples who are the contenders of his most valued possession, the Tanpura of Tansen. Top 5 Bengali Thriller Web Series of 2020 on Hoichoi
Both the seasons are filled with lot of thrills, action, lovely locations, historical evidences and an ensemble supporting cast comprising of some of the finest actors from Stage and silver screen. Cherry on top is the soulful music by Jay Sarkar. This 2 season thriller is surely going to be loved by a lot, specially those with a love for Indian music.
2. Byomkesh Season 5: We have all seen various avtars of Byomkesh Bakshi in various productions, both of small screen and large screen. This depiction of Byomkesh is quite different from all as here, the director has focused more on the humanitarian and emotional side of the sharp minded Satyanweshi. And who better than Anirban Bhattacharya to portray the various shades! Once, I had created a poll asking who makes a better Byomkesh, Abir or Anirban. The vote obviously came in favour of Abir as he has been playing the part for years now on big screen, attracting a larger part of audience. However, I would urge everyone to watch the web series on Hoichoi, and the real fans of Byomkesh Bakshi from Saradindu Bandopadhyay's original writings will find a strong resemblance of the character the author had presented. No words are enough for Anirban, as always.
Top 5 Bengali Thriller Web Series of 2020 on Hoichoi
3. Eken Babu Season 4: A goofy and funny detective who nonchalantly busts every mystery with lot of frolic and fun. A man, whom no one can take seriously and who often becomes the reason of embarrassment of the people around him, due to his funny behavior can hardly be an ideal figure as a smart sleuth. However he does it with lot of confidence and amidst lot of fun. Series 5, Burman Barir Rohosyo is the best and has a very interesting plot.
Top 5 Bengali Thriller Web Series of 2020 on Hoichoi
4. Shobdo Jobdo: It is perhaps the most complicated and dark one in the list. It has characters with multiple shades, people who appear to be different than what they are in real. A series full of suspense, drama , deceit and gray shades - this one is something that can be enjoyed by those who love watching psychological thrillers. Rajat Kapoor, Payel and Subrata Datta star in this thriller.
Top 5 Bengali Thriller Web Series of 2020 on Hoichoi
5. Bonyo Premer Golpo Season 2: While the 1st season was mostly based on jealousy, lust and betrayal. This season focuses mainly on real love and of course a very twisted plot. The cast is amazing and all the actors, including Arjun Chakraborty, Tanushree Chakraborty, Chandni Saha have done a wonderful job. However, a special mention to Damini Basu as Inspector Binapani, a foul-mouthed and sincere cop.Top 5 Bengali Thriller Web Series of 2020 on Hoichoi
The other notable Thriller Web Series of 2020 on Hoichoi were Rahasya Romancha Series Season 3 and Damayanti. However, for me this list makes it to the Top 5. Have you watched any of these? If not you can watch these on Hoichoi  with Subtitles too.

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